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If you’re looking to improve your beauty treatment procedures at home then you might need some sheet masks and scrubs for you face. The trick is working out what are the best products out there for your own skin type and needs. This is where Best has come in to help and discuss with dermatologists like Dr. Green, who notes that when it comes to sheet masks, be sure to avoid options made with exfoliating ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)

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Best have talked to Dr. Green about body scrubs and sheet masks and to discuss all the latest beauty products that are out on the market. Dr. Green also says in the article that the “sheet mask maximizes the absorption of important skincare ingredients by prolonging the amount of time that they are interacting with the skin.”

Check out the two articles on – “The 15 Best Sheet Masks to Quench Your Pores“, and “17 Best Body Scrubs to Get Perfectly Polished Skin From Head to Toe

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