Leg Vein Treatment

    Spider veins can be unsightly, and varicose veins can become painful over time if left untreated. Although sclerotherapy can successfully treat larger veins, what about the smaller vein lesions left behind? Too often, it seems that using only one type of vein treatment leaves the other vascular issues unresolved. At our New York practice, we take a combination approach toward vein treatment to remove both varicose veins and smaller blood vessels, leaving your skin looking smoother and younger.

    Dr. Michele Green utilizes the Candela GentleYAG® to treat difficult blue veins. GentleYAG® is a particularly effective option for treating leg veins. During your consultation, Dr. Green will make an assessment of your veins and provide a recommended treatment approach.

    Combining Sclerotherapy and VBeam®

    If you have painful and unsightly spider or varicose veins, sclerotherapy may be for you. At our practice, Dr. Green uses Asclera®, a leading sclerosing agent. Your veins will be injected with Asclera®, which irritates the lining of the blood vessel, causing it to seal up and become invisible. After the vein collapses, the body slowly absorbs the remaining tissue over time until the skin becomes smooth and blemish-free.

    Dr. Green combines sclerotherapy with VBeam® laser treatments to address smaller veins and capillaries that may not be suitable for treatment with traditional sclerotherapy. The VBeam® is a pulsed dye nonablative laser system is designed to remove vascular lesions as well as other skin pigmentations. The laser delivers a burst of energy that’s intense enough to treat the targeted blood vessel, but gentle enough to preserve the surrounding tissue and ensure patient comfort.

    By combining treatments, both larger varicose veins and smaller spider veins can be resolved, while still maintaining the convenience that’s associated with traditional sclerotherapy.

    Find out more about Sclerotherapy

    While many patients notice an improvement in the appearance of their veins after just a single treatment, most patients will require multiple sessions in order to achieve the best results. Each appointment will take about 30 minutes, and the sessions are scheduled a few weeks apart. There’s no downtime required following your treatments, and you can resume your typical daily activities right away.

    If you’re frustrated with the appearance of your spider veins or varicose veins, there’s finally a solution that can help. Contact us online today or call 212-535-3088 to learn more about whether our combination approach toward vein treatment may be right for you.