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Botox for Men

Botox has gained in popularity amongst men in recent years, find out why and what the most popular options are

Botox (or Botulinum Toxin Type A) is a popular cosmetic treatment that helps men reduce their lines and wrinkles as they age. It requires no surgery and is often used by men to smooth out facial lines, frown lines and horizontal lines on the forehead. Treatments can take as little as 15 minutes, and there is no subsequent downtime. Results last for several months before requiring any re-treatment.

Botox has gained in popularity amongst men in recent years, with male celebrities such as Simon Cowell admitting to using Botox, and stats from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons noting a 337% increase in men receiving Botox injections since 2000. This is even ahead of the pace of dermal fillers among male patients, which has gone up by over 86% since 2000.

However, many men still see cosmetic procedures as a women’s procedure. As a result, some places have tried to destigmatize the procedure with names like “Brotox”, but in reality, the recent increase is because more men are exercising, dieting, keeping fit and aiming to look young and healthy. This combined with the selfie and social media based culture have increased the desire for men to make the right first impression.

Botox for Men’s Frown Lines

Dr. Michele S. Green can help reduce frown lines on men via a series of small injections. Botox relaxes muscles in the face, therefore reducing the prominence of wrinkles. This is because the muscle is numbed in a way that it cannot contract to make the lines, which then fade out over time.

Another common use for Botox is in the glabella area, which is the skin above the nose and between the eyebrows, also known as “11 lines” or “frown lines.” Male Botox patients here generally require a slightly higher dose than female patients.

25 year old male patient treated with Botox in the glabella area (2 weeks)

Botox for Crows Feet

Botox Cosmetic is currently the only FDA approved product that works as a temporary solution for both moderate and severe cases of Crows Feet.

Possible Risks for Male Botox Patients

Make sure that you disclose all conditions and allergies before doing Botox, especially past surgeries and allergies, medicines you currently take and other cosmetic procedures undertaken in the past year. Some possible side effects may include discomfort in the area of injection, dry mouth, headache and short term eye or skin irritation.

You also should not go to the gym that day, as you want to avoid exercise for 24 hours after Botox injections.

Botox for Male Pattern Baldness? Myth.

Last but not least, we’ve seen a lot of queries about Botox’s effect on the scalp and for male pattern baldness. However, this is based on a myth – Botox does not do anything for baldness. Another common myth is usage on lips, but this again is not the case, as Botox is not approved for lip usage either. In fact it is very important to instead make sure you choose the right doctor who has experience with the procedures, the options, and can dispel any myths.

Choosing the right dermatologist for Botox procedures

Dr. Michele S. Green is a board certified cosmetic dermatologist based in NYC. With experience on many male patients in the New York area, and more and more male patients overall looking at Botox as an option (cited as 17.5% male currently on the official Botox Cosmetic site), it is no longer just for women.

Effects of Botox last from 3 to 6 months until the treated area muscles have regained ability to function and therefor re-form lines. Overall, treatments can be combined with other dermal fillers such as Belotero under the eyes for tear trough hollowing or Clear & Brilliant to brighten and rejuvenate skin from sun damage. View a list of dermal filler and cosmetic facial injections for men here.

Find out more about reducing those frown lines and crow’s feet and contact us today for more information or call 212 535 3088.

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