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Sculptra NYC Treatments

Sculptra is a dermal filler that can provide long lasting, natural looking results

As our faces age, they lose volume and develop a lax quality which contributes to the formation of wrinkles. This facial laxity is largely due to the decline in natural collagen production as we age.  It is this collagen production which is responsible for providing the underlying framework or foundation for our skin. As these tell-tale signs of the natural aging process set in, it can cause some patients to feel self-conscious about the areas in which there is a loss of volume, an increase in skin laxity, and facial wrinkles that are more apparent. In the past, patients had little options to correct this laxity other than a facelift with a plastic surgeon. Thanks to the advancements in dermal fillers such as Sculptra aesthetic, long lasting facial rejuvenation can be achieved without surgery. Dr. Michele Green was one of the first dermatologists in NYC to incorporate Sculptra for facial and body rejuvenation in her private Upper East Side dermatology office.

Sculptra is a dermal filler that can provide long lasting, natural looking results. Sculptra is a liquid injectable filler which is unique in its ability to stimulate new collagen production and correct lost facial volume. Most of our patients do not want the downtime associated with cosmetic surgery and are looking for effective non-invasive procedures, such as Fraxel laserBotoxRadiesseThermagedermal fillers and Kybella, to rejuvenate their skin. With long lasting dermal fillers like Sculptra Aesthetic, our patients can now restore lost volume, smoothing away deep lines and wrinkles and even treating acne scars, without any downtime.  Sculptra can be used for pan-facial rejuvenation, including sunken cheeks, temples, and jaw lines to provide cutting edge facial contouring. With the replacement of lost collagen, Sculptra is an injectable filler that gives you both a gradual replacement of your body’s natural collagen, and restores the youthful appearance of your own skin.

Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Michele Green, has been a leading injector of Sculptra in her Upper East Side private dermatology office for over two and a half decades, and is an internationally renowned expert in the field of cosmetic dermatology. Dr. Green takes a holistic approach and embraces a ‘less is more’ philosophy when it comes to rejuvenation treatment, and loves Sculptra because it consistently produces natural looking, long-lasting, ideal cosmetic results. As an expert in non-invasive cosmetic treatments, Dr. Green is regularly voted as one of New York’s best physicians by Castle Connolly, Super Doctors, and New York Magazine. When you consult with Dr. Green, she will work with you to customize your treatment plan so that it is best suited to addressing your specific skin needs and achieving your optimal results, so that you look and feel like the best version of yourself.

25-34 year old, Sculptra - 3 months

Sculptra in New York with Dr. Michele Green

Sculptra, a liquid filler created by the company Galderma, has long been acknowledged as an unparalleled volumizer for the face, with longevity beyond typical hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. However, the benefits of Sculptra are now recognized to go far beyond just the face. Sculptra has been showed to be able to rejuvenate the décolletage, hands, upper arms, sagging knees, and of course the buttocks, with the extremely popular Brazilian butt lift. Today’s Hollywood celebrities have made the Sculptra Butt lift an incredibly popular procedure from Los Angeles to Manhattan, to restore youthful contours and volume in the buttocks and hip dips. This new body incorporation of Sculptra injections for body contouring has revolutionized body rejuvenation with amazing, without the need for invasive plastic surgery or liposuction. Dr. Green has incorporated Sculptra aesthetic in her NYC practice for body contouring with amazing results.

Non-Surgical Facial and Body Rejuvenation with Sculptra in New York City

Sculptra is an FDA approved injectable collagen stimulant that is comprised of poly-L-lactic acid. It is essential for Sculptra placement to be performed by an experienced cosmetic injector, like Dr. Michele Green in NYC. Since Sculptra cannot be dissolved like other hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, placement is critical to the best cosmetic results. As the injectable treatment stimulates your body to create new collagen, it improves the quality of your skin as well as the volume and elasticity of your skin for natural, youthful-looking features. Facial injection sessions generally take 20 minutes to perform in the correct areas. Since much greater volume is involved in a Sculptra Butt lift, be prepared to block 60 minutes for each treatments. As new collagen is stimulated, after each treatment session, more fullness, smoothness, and lift will be visible as the effects of Sculptra evolve to reveal your final treatment results.

3 Sculptra & 2 Restylane treatments – 4 months

How was Sculptra Developed?

Sculptra injections were originally developed for and used on patients suffering from facial volume loss secondary to HIV. Lipodystrophy is a term that is used to describe changes in body fat. Many individuals with HIV experienced lipoatrophy- loss of facial fat that causes a hollow or sunken appearance in the midface. Sculptra injections were initially used on these individuals to stimulate the production of new collagen in the skin and restore the lost facial volume. Treating patients with HIV/AIDS associated-lipoatrophy with Sculptra injections was so successful in terms of facial rejuvenation that, in 2004, Sculptra Aesthetic was approved by the FDA for cosmetic use on patients with healthy immune systems as well.

What is Sculptra® made of?

Sculptra is FDA approved in the United States and is a safe, synthetic, biocompatible material that is used as a collagen stimulator to correct depressions and surface irregularities in the skin. Sculptra injections improve wrinkles, depressions, scars, skin folds, stretch marks, scars, and hollows on the body and face. The active ingredient of Sculptra is poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which is a well-known material that has been used in medical products for more than 20 years. It is commonly used as a component of dissolvable sutures and surgical implants. Sculptra is biodegradable, meaning that it is gradually broken down and naturally removed from the body. Sculptra then begins the process of stimulating your body to produce its own natural collagen.

How does Sculptra work?

Sculptra is different from all other cosmetic injectables due to its unique active ingredient, poly-L-lactic acid. PLLA helps stimulates the body’s own collagen production and boosts new collagen production in the skin. By creating new collagen and treating volume loss and lipoatrophy, Sculptra will restore facial volume as well as volume on many areas of the body, such as the buttocks and hips. This new collagen production is what is responsible for wrinkles disappearing, volume replacement, and the amazing body contouring results. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to see the effect of each Sculptra treatment and depending on the area, it can take three or four treatments spaced about one month apart. Ultimately, after about four to six months of treatment, you will see the full cosmetic results of your Sculptra injections.

24F 2sculptra 1restylane 2ematrix FRONT

Female with 2 Sculptra, 2 eMatrix and 1 Restylane injection

Where is Sculptra injected?

Sculptra can be injected in various places of the face and body including the following treatment areas:

  • Sunken cheeks
  • Sunken temples
  • Facial jowls and marionette lines
  • Nasolabial folds (smile lines)
  • Facial jaw
  • Facial forehead
  • Facial chin wrinkles
  • Décolletage
  • Buttocks
  • Hip Dips
  • Hands
  • Inner arms
  • Upper knees
  • Stretch marks
  • Cellulite

Which areas of the face can be treated with Sculptra?

Sculptra is the perfect dermal filler to achieve a complete liquid facelift since it can be injected in almost every area of the face and facial lines. Sculptra is commonly injected into the deep lines (nasolabial folds) of the face, along with marionette lines (smile lines), temples, and chin area.  One of the most popular areas for Sculptra aesthetic is the mid-face as a cheek filler. After a series of treatments, new collagen is produced, and beautiful cheek bones are highlighted. Sculptra is contraindicated in the under eye area and lips, as Sculptra is meant to be a deep injection, and not designed for superficial facial areas or mucous membranes.

Sculptra Body Contouring NYC

Body contouring with Sculptra has been a major advance to skin rejuvenation, from the hands to the buttocks. Sculptra is able to rejuvenate and plump the backs of hands, which become thin and with more prominent veins and wrinkles as we get older.  After a series of Sculptra treatments, new collagen is stimulated and lost volume is replaced, with the result being younger looking hands. This same process can be applied to sagging knees, upper arms, the chest and décolletage, buttock and hip area.

Sculptra Buttock and Hip Augmentation are two of the most popular areas for restoring the youthful body contours. Dr. Green is an expert in volumizing these area and correcting these noticeable hollows. One of the other added bonuses is that Sculptra injections improve the appearance of cellulite as well. Many patients want a Sculptra butt lift since it will create beautiful, natural, long lasting results to reshape your buttocks, without any downtime or anesthesia. Patients can choose the shape and degree of augmentation that you would like for your buttocks. Mature patients love Sculptra butt lifts since it replaces lost volume and treats sagging with a beautiful lift, without the risk from a surgical procedure.

butt lift photo

What is Sculptra for buttocks? (Sculptra BBL)

The Sculptra butt lift is an exciting procedure which has become increasingly popular in NYC. The number of Sculptra vials needed for a Sculptra BBL varies from patient to patient and the aesthetic goals of each person.  Some individuals may want to treat just the hollows by the hip, the hip dip, whereas others may want a more rounded buttock with significant enlargement.  Dr. Green will discuss your goals together and photographs will be taken for your records to help formulate a treatment plan for your Sculptra injections.  Some patients prefer a more square or V-shaped buttock while others want a very rounded “Kardashian” look. The number of injections needed for these shapes and butt lift will be reviewed with you during your consultation with Dr. Green since a larger number of vials of Sculptra are needed for an increased size and shape.

What is Sculptra for Hip Dips?

Many patients who are thin generally have less body fat, and as a result have a dip between the hip and thigh bones. This hip dip becomes more prominent when there is low fat volume present. One of the best ways to replace this lack of volume is to treat the area with Sculptra. Through a series of Sculptra injections, Dr. Green can fill out the hip curves, new collagen is produced, and the volume restored. The full cosmetic results generally takes 3 or 4 treatment session and can require 8 to 10 vials at each session. Sculptra injections for hip dips is an easy process as it doesn’t require any recovery time, incisions, anesthesia, and produces beautiful and lasting results.

How much does a vial of Sculptra cost?

The average cost per vial of Sculptra in NYC injected by a board certified cosmetic dermatologist, like Dr. Green, is $1,200.

How many vials of Sculptra do I need?

The number of vials needed for your face depends on both your age and your desired treatment results. In general, more mature patients with more volume loss, will require 2 vials per treatment session and younger patients 1 vial for each facial treatment. The chest, hands, and knees, all generally require 1 vial per treatment session. The buttocks and hip dips require more vials, and the larger the desired shape and the more volume loss, the more vials needed to treat the area. In general, 6 to 10 vials are needed for each treatment session in this area.

How much is Sculptra BBL?

When patients ask, how much does Sculptra cost for the butt, the answer is: it depends. The cost for Sculptra for the buttocks, for a Sculptra BBL, varies based on the number of vials injected, your geographic location, and the experience of your injector. A board certified, experienced cosmetic injector, like Dr. Michele Green in NYC, will be more expensive than a nurse in a Medspa or clinic. It is most important to choose an experienced injector since these results are long lasting and cannot be dissolved like a hyaluronic acid filler.

How many vials of Sculptra for buttocks?

The average number of vials used for a Sculptra BBL is five vials on each side, and generally three treatment sessions. This equates to 30 vials on average, in total, for a traditional Sculptra BBL for the buttocks.

How much is Sculptra for face?

When patients ask, how much does Sculptra cost for face, the answer is: it depends. Sculptra can be injected into many areas of the face, including the cheeks, forehead, temples, chin, jawline, and around the mouth and nose to address nasolabial lines and marionette lines. Where and how many vials are necessary to treat the different areas of the face depend upon each patient’s specific treatment plan. Other factors that can affect the cost include geographic location and the institution at which you are receiving your treatment. Due to the fact that injections of Sculptra require exact precision and cannot be easily reversed, it is best to seek treatment from an expert, board-certified dermatologist, such as Dr. Green.

LS alextrivantage RIGHT

How much does Sculptra cost for hips?

Patients often wonder, how much is Sculptra for hip dips, and again, the answer is: it depends. The cost of the treatment largely depends on the number of vials necessary to treat the area and the number of vials depends on the size and scope of the volume loss in the area. For most patients, between 6 and 10 vials are necessary for each treatment session in the hip area and Dr. Green typically recommends 3-4 treatment sessions for optimal results. After your initial consultation, Dr. Green’s office will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate of the cost of the treatment plan.

Sculptra aesthetic for cellulite and stretch marks

Even after significant fat loss, cellulite can be difficult to get rid of. Sculptra will improve the texture of the skin, creating new collagen, making the skin firmer, and removing cellulite in the treatment area, in as little as three sessions. If there is dimpling in the area, Sculptra will create more volume. The greater the number of vials of Sculptra used, the more profound are the full cosmetic results. Sculptra can be combined with the Velashape laser to help banish cellulite through radiofrequency energy.  Similarly, Sculptra aesthetic can help treat stretch marks on the abdomen, thighs, or arms. By producing new collagen and improving the surface of the skin, stretch marks are gradually improved. Stretch mark treatment can be combined with eMatrix radiofrequency laser treatment and microneedling to help bring about the best cosmetic results.

Sculptra for acne scars

Sculptra injections are a wonderful treatment option for targeting acne scars since the new collagen which is produced replaces the lost volume from the scars. Sculptra can be combined with other dermal filler treatments, such as Restylane injections, to treat the more superficial acne scars. In addition, the texture of the skin and more superficial acne scars can be treated with Fraxel or eMatrix lasers, to work in conjunction with these dermal fillers for the best cosmetic results. Acne scars are a challenging skin condition to correct and often require a combination treatment approach to fully resolve. The best way to determine which unique combination of treatments is best suited for addressing your acne scars is to consult with Dr. Green. Dr. Green is an internationally recognized leader in the field of cosmetic dermatology with a particular interest in treating patients struggling with acne and acne scars. Dr. Green will work with you to develop a treatment plan for your acne scars that incorporates the in-office cosmetic procedures that will help you achieve a clear, smooth, healthy complexion that lasts.

How are hyaluronic dermal fillers different from Sculptra?

One of the key differences with Sculptra, compared to other dermal fillers, like Restylane, Juvederm, and Juvederm Voluma, is that they are formulated from hyaluronic acid and not poly-L-lactic acid. Hyaluronic acid fillers last for a shorter period of time and can only be used in certain anatomic locations of the face and body. Unlike Sculptra aesthetic, hyaluronic acid fillers can be dissolved with either Vitrase or Hylenex. In addition, traditional hyaluronic acid fillers cannot be injected in the same depth or in the same manner.

TL fillers RANGLE2 MGWatermark
Woman treated with Sculptra and Voluma

Sculptra Aesthetic vs Juvederm Voluma XC

Juvederm Voluma XC was the first FDA approved hyaluronic acid gel to instantly add volume to your cheeks, and correct age-related volume loss. Juvederm Voluma provides an immediate lift to the cheeks and the jowls as well. Juvederm Voluma XC has also been FDA approved in June 2020 for use in the chin area. Abb Vie labs, which are the current manufacturers of the Juvederm family of products, has announced this new indication for Juvederm Voluma in the chin with micro cannulas. The advantage of Voluma is that one or two syringes of Juvederm Voluma can give you an immediate lift to the chin. However, Sculptra aesthetic injections naturally boost your own collagen production, but the entire process can take several months to complete the full series of injection and appreciate the cosmetic results.

What is the process of Sculptra aesthetic injection?

The patient will arrive in the NYC office of Dr. Michele Green for a consultation and a treatment plan is formulated.  Dr. Green will assess the areas that you want treated and determine if you are a good candidate for Sculptra or other dermal fillers.  She will advise you as to how many treatment sessions and vials of Sculptra will be necessary to have full rejuvenation. Proper skin care will be discussed and your current skincare treatment regimen will be reviewed.

If you are a candidate for the procedure or other facial fillers, a topical anesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area one hour before the cosmetic injections. Patients are advised to refrain from blood thinners, Aspirin, multivitamins, Vitamin E, Fish oil and any other herbal supplements which can cause bleeding or bruising, for at least one week before the procedure.  Dr. Green recommends taking oral Arnica Montana before and after your injections to minimize bruising. Before the procedure, Dr. Green will map and mark the injection sites. Sculptra is then injected into the deep dermis, below the surface of the skin, into the areas of the face or body which are being treated.

Over the next few months, Sculptra Aesthetic treatment stimulates the production of your own collagen. Your body’s response to Sculptra injections is to encapsulate it with biospheres of your own new collagen. It is this new collagen which ultimately produces the improvement in the appearance of your skin. Generally, three to four treatment sessions, every four to six weeks, are required to obtain the best cosmetic results. Most patients can resume their normal activities immediately after leaving the office since there is little or no downtime. Makeup may be applied directly after the treatment. Since Sculptra is a gradual process which requires multiple sessions, the full results will take several months to complete. The body is still producing new collagen up to six months after the injections. There are no skin tests required for Sculptra since there are no known allergies associated with this product.

What is the recovery time from Sculptra injections?

Immediately after your Sculptra injections, Dr. Green will apply ice packs to the treated area. The treated areas will have some swelling or may have some localized bruising. We recommend refraining from taking blood thinners, multivitamins, and fish oil, for one week and drinking alcohol for one day before injections, to minimize bruising. The most important rule after Sculptra injections is the “rule of 5’s”.  All patients are advised to massage the treated area for five consecutive days,  five times a day for five minutes. Massaging the treated area prevents nodules from occurring. The results from Sculptra will begin to become evident in 4 to 6 weeks from the treatment. Since it generally takes 3 or 4 treatments of Sculptra injections, it can take up to six months to appreciate the full cosmetic results of your treatment with Sculptra aesthetic. The desired results can be maintained with minimal touch-up treatments, yearly in many cases.

How soon can I apply makeup after Sculptra injections?

Typically, patients apply makeup a few hours after Sculptra injections. It is always best to check with Dr. Green since individual cases may vary.

Does Sculptra hurt?

No! Sculptra Aesthetic is diluted with lidocaine immediately before injections, which makes the treatment areas progressively numb after the very first injection. The numb sensation helps reduce any potential discomfort during the injections and resolves shortly after the treatment is completed. In addition, Dr. Green recommends applying a topical numbing cream to the entire treatment area at least one hour before your scheduled treatment session. Most patients feel very minimal discomfort with Sculptra injections.

How long does Sculptra last?

Sculptra is a unique dermal filler that can provide long-lasting results. Sculptra injections generally last up to two years, after full correction is achieved. Most patients choose to engage in regular maintenance sessions to keep up the best cosmetic results.

Is Sculptra treatment permanent?

Sculptra is not a permanent dermal filler. Sculptra is, however, a long lasting non-invasive treatment option for volume restoration. Studies show that the effects of Sculptra last more than two years after undergoing a short series of injections to achieve full correction. Maintenance treatment sessions are needed to restore volume and new collagen production over time.

Before & After: 1 syringe of Restylane to tear troughs, 4 vials of Sculptra to cheeks, nasolabial folds, oral commissures & temples

What is the cost in NYC for Sculptra treatment?

The cost of Sculptra injections depends on the number of vials injected and the anatomic location of the cosmetic injections. A single vial in NYC injected by a board certified cosmetic dermatologist typically costs $1,200 and when multiple vials are injected for a Sculptra BBL for buttocks or hip dips, discounts may apply. Because the number of treatment sessions and vials depends on the specific area being treated, an in person consultation is necessary to evaluate the area. If one googles Sculptra and prices there are many “free” consultations and bargain injections.  When you further google these clinics, the Sculptra injections are typically not performed by physicians and are not board certified dermatologists. Nurse injectors and PAs are generally injecting these discount Sculptra injections in spas and clinics. It is always important to consult an expert who is certified to do these cosmetic procedures for the best cosmetic results.

After completion of your treatment course, skin creases, wrinkles, depressions, facial volume and folds are all rejuvenated. The results of Sculptra last for up to two years in most patients. Dr. Green may recommend that your Sculptra treatments be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures, like Fraxel laser, microneedling, or Thermage FLX for skin tightening, or BOTOX® Cosmetic to further enhance the ultimate result.

Who is a good candidate for Sculptra injections?

The best candidate for Sculptra injections are healthy individuals who suffer from facial volume loss and weight loss. Patients with both good skin turgor and older patients with poor skin laxity are good candidates for Sculptra aesthetic. Both men and women are good candidates for rejuvenation with Sculptra injections. Sculptra works very well to firm sagging skin on the arms and around the knees, and add volume to the neck and décolletage, where the skin is thin and delicate. Dr. Green treats many patients who suffer from acne scars, and utilizes Sculptra for many of her acne scar patients, since it replaces lost collagen and improves skin tone and texture. The easiest way to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for Sculptra injections is to have a consultation with a board-certified dermatologist, like Dr. Green.

Who is not a good candidate for Sculptra aesthetic?

Those patients who are immunocompromised or who suffer with autoimmune problems, such as Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, MS, or vasculitis, should not consider Sculptra aesthetic. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or younger than 18, Sculptra is not advised. Sculptra is also not recommended for patients who keloid or have a history of hypertrophic scarring.

What are the side effects from Sculptra injections?

The most common side effects associated with Sculptra injections are localized treatment site reactions such as bruising, swelling, and redness. Rarer side effects include small nodules or lumps under the skin.

Can Sculptra be dissolved?

Unlike hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, it is very difficult to dissolve lumps from Sculptra. It is important to have the product injected by an expert and prepared and diluted accordingly, since it cannot be removed. There have been some reports of cortisone injections helping to minimize lumps from Sculptra, but it is not as simple a process as with hyaluronic acid fillers.

Can Sculptra go wrong?

Sculptra treatment is a safe and effective treatment that does require precision injections and is therefore best performed by an experienced, board-certified dermatologist, such as Dr. Green. If patients experience any side effects, the majority may see minor side effects such as swelling, bruising, or redness at the injection site that will resolve themselves on their own in, at most, several days. In rare cases, patients may develop lumps or nodules at the site of the injections, which can occur if the injections are not done with enough depth. It is for that reason that an experienced injector is necessary, as received treatment from an expert reduces the risk of potential problematic side effects.

Is Sculptra safe?

Sculptra injections are very safe and effective when performed by an experienced injector, such as Dr. Green. The procedure is non-invasive meaning that there are no cuts being made on the skin, simply injections of the Sculptra liquid filler. Sculptra was approved for cosmetic use by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2009 after extensive clinical trials to determine that the treatment was safe and effective for use.

Does Sculptra work?

Yes! Sculptra aesthetic is an amazing product that works to restore your own collagen naturally. Sculptra is an all natural cosmetic treatment that does not contain human, animal, or bacterial components. Sculptra injections do not require any surgery or any allergy testing prior to treatment. Individuals who prefer to avoid synthetic or bovine products can use Sculptra. Most patients require a short series of treatment sessions with Sculptra injections to achieve their ideal cosmetic results. After patients have completed their series of injections, the effects of treatment typically last for up to two years.

Which is better: Juvederm Voluma XC or Sculptra?

Juvederm and Sculptra are two excellent dermal filler products that can be used for rejuvenation. These two fillers are made of different substances and can, in fact, be used as complementarily to achieve ideal cosmetic results. For patients who want an immediate lift and have good skin turgor, they may prefer Juvederm Voluma. For patients who have some skin laxity and want multiple areas of the face injected, or want to restore their own collagen naturally, Sculptra may be preferred. Every individual has their own unique set of skin concerns and aesthetic goals. The dermal fillers that are most appropriate for your treatment will be dependent upon your primary concerns, cosmetic goals, and specific needs. An expert injector, like Dr. Green in NYC, has the experience to customize your treatment plan so that it incorporates the best dermal fillers for you.

Sculptra aesthetic before and after photos

When choosing an injector in New York City for your Sculptra injections, it is important to google their qualifications and ask to see before and after photos from their photo gallery. Patient testimonials and reviews are also good sources of information when making this important decision.

Is Sculptra worth it?

If you are looking for natural way to treat volume loss, fine lines, and wrinkles, as well as overall improve skin quality, then having treatment with Sculptra aesthetic is one of the best way to achieve this result. Sculptra injections offer patients a non-invasive cosmetic solution for addressing a host of skin concerns, with natural-looking and long-lasting benefits. Sculptra injections with an expert board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, like Dr. Michele Green in NYC, are absolutely worth it!

What is Sculptra used for?

Sculptra is used for replenishing lost volume in different areas of the body including the midface, décolletage, neck, hips, and buttocks. Many patients have greater accessibility to non-surgical treatment options for facial rejuvenation, since there is less downtime and risk associated with non-invasive treatment options. Sculptra injections are commonly used to treat the appearance of nasolabial folds, marionette lines, facial wrinkles, volume loss, and acne scars, among other skin concerns.

What does Sculptra do?

Sculptra is a cosmetic injectable that stimulates new collagen production in a treatment area, ultimately adding or replenishing lost volume to create a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance. Collagen is a protein that can naturally be found in the skin and contributes to a firm foundation and youthful appearance. Over time, collagen levels in the skin are depleted as a part of the natural aging process. This leads to the development of fine lines, facial wrinkles, and lost facial volume, causing an aged appearance. By inducing the production of new collagen, Sculptra injections help give the skin enhanced structural support, reducing the appearance of various signs of aging.

In addition, Sculptra can be used to improve the look of acne scars. Acne scars develop as a result of inflammation associated with acne lesions causing irreparable damage to the underlying skin tissue. Sculptra injections can be used to replace the collagen that is lost due to the damage, creating an overall smoother complexion. Sculptra can also be used to treat neck lines, hip dips, the décolletage, and buttocks. The best way to understand what Sculptra can do for you is to consult with a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, like Dr. Michele Green in NYC. Dr. Green is an expert injector with over 25 years of experience providing her patients in the Upper East Side of Manhattan with the best non-invasive cosmetic treatment options available and will work with you to customize your treatment approach.

Can Sculptra cause cancer?

There are no studies indicating that Sculptra injections can cause cancer, or that Sculptra injections are in any way linked to development of cancer. The common side effects of Sculptra include swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness near the sites of injection. Rare side effects, which typically occur when having injections with an unqualified or inexperienced injector, may include nodules, facial asymmetry, or skin discoloration.

Is Sculptra a filler?

Sculptra is a dermal filler that is unique due to the fact that it is made of poly-l-lactic acid, a substance that stimulates natural collagen production in the skin once injected into a treatment area. This particular filler is ideal for replenishing lost volume in different areas of the face and body. There are many different types of dermal fillers available on the market, and it can be difficult to determine which type is best suited to you without the help of a board-certified medical professional. Dr. Michele Green is an expert in the field of cosmetic dermatology with over 25 years of experience providing some of the most discerning individuals from around the globe with their dermal filler treatments for facial rejuvenation from her private dermatology office in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan. When you consult with Dr. Green, she will work with you to customize a dermal filler treatment plan that best suits your specific needs and unique aesthetic goals.

Why choose Dr. Michele Green in NYC for Sculptra injections?

Sculptra should always be injected by a board-certified medical professional with the expertise and experience required to perform your treatment in a manner that is safe and effective, as well as delivers ideal cosmetic results. Dr. Michele Green is an internationally renowned leader in the field of cosmetic dermatology with over 25 years of experience providing her patients from around the globe with the best non-invasive cosmetic treatment options available, including dermal filler injections. She takes a holistic approach and embraces a ‘less is more’ philosophy when it comes to facial rejuvenation treatment, and is consistently voted as one of the best physicians in New York by Castle Connolly, New York Magazine, and Super Doctors.

Dr. Michele Green creates a customized treatment plan for each of her patients after learning about their unique skin concerns and personal aesthetic goals, often combining multiple types of cosmetic injectables including Sculptra, Juvederm, Restylane, and Botox, among others, to create a more youthful appearance that is natural-looking and long-lasting. If you are frustrated by the presence of fine lines, volume loss, and lack of facial contour, Dr. Green can help. To get started with your facial rejuvenation treatment plan and schedule a consultation with Dr. Green, contact us online today or call the NYC based office at 212-535-3088.

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