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Sculptra NYC Treatments

Sculptra is a dermal filler that can provide long lasting, natural looking results

Sculptra is a liquid injectable filler which is unique in its ability to produce new collagen and correct lost facial volume. Dr. Michele Green has been a leading injector of Sculptra in NYC in her upper east side office for years and is an expert in cosmetic dermatology.  One of the reasons that Dr. Green loves Sculptra and has been using it extensively in her NYC based practice, is that it produces natural looking, long-lasting results. As our faces age, they lose volume, and develop a lax quality which contributes to the formation of wrinkles. This facial laxity is largely due to the continuous decline in natural collagen production.  It is this collagen production which is responsible for providing the underlying framework or foundation for our skin. In the past, patients had little options to correct this laxity other than a facelift with a plastic surgeon.

Most of our patients do not want the downtime associated with cosmetic surgery and are looking for non-invasive ways such as Fraxel laser, Botox, Radiesse, Thermage, dermal fillers and Kybella to rejuvenate their skin. With dermal fillers like Sculptra Aesthetic, NYC patients can now restore lost volume, smoothing away deep lines and wrinkles and even treating facial scars, without any downtime.  Sculptra can be used for pan-facial rejuvenation, including sunken cheeks, temples, and jaw lines to provide cutting edge facial contouring.  With the replacement of lost collagen, Sculptra is an injectable filler that gives you both a gradual replacement of your body’s own natural collagen, but it also restores the thickness of your skin.

3sculptra & 2restylane treatments – 4 months

Recently, physicians have discovered the benefits of Sculptra beyond the face and and commonly using Sculptra for the body as well, especially for butt lifts. Today’s Hollywood celebrities have made the Sculptra Butt lift an incredibly popular procedure from Los Angeles to Manhattan, to restore youthful contours and volume in the buttocks and hips with the Brazilian Butt Lift. This new body contouring with Sculptra injections  has revolutionized body rejuvenation as the results are amazing without the need for plastic surgery and invasive liposuction.

How was Sculptra Developed?

Sculptra injections were originally developed and used on the HIV population.  Many HIV patients suffered from a “wasting syndrome”, where their faces looked gaunt and the signs of disease were self-evident.  Sculptra injections were used on these patients to develop their own collagen and restore the lost facial volume.  With the success and rejuvenation of these patients, Sculptra became FDA approved in 2004 to restore lost volume in the general population.

How Does Sculptra® Work?

Sculptra is FDA approved in the United States, and a safe, synthetic, biocompatible material that is used to correct depressions and surface irregularities in the skin. Skin creases, wrinkles, depressions, and folds can all be treated and improved with Sculptra. Sculptra is made from poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which is a well-known material that has been used in medical products for more than 20 years. It is commonly used as a component of dissolvable sutures and surgical implants. Sculptra is biodegradable, meaning that it is gradually broken down and naturally removed from the body. Sculptra then begins the process of stimulating your body to produce its own natural collagen.

Which Areas of the Face and Body can be Treated with Sculptra?

Sculptra can be injected into the deep lines (nasolabial folds) of the face, along with marionette lines (smile lines), temples, and chin area.  One of the most popular areas is the mid-face as the cheeks can be rejuvenated with new collagen produced and beautiful cheek bones highlighted.

Sculptra Body Contouring

Sculptra Buttock and Hip Augmentation are two of the most popular areas for restoring the youthful contours and allowing us to contour these area and correct hollows, improve the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

butt lift photo

The Sculptra butt lift is one of the most exciting new procedures which has become increasing popular in NYC. The amount of vials varies from patient to patient and the aesthetic goals of each patient.  Some patients may want to treat the hollows by the hip whereas others may want a rounded buttock with significant enlargement.  Dr. Green will discuss your goals together and photographs will be taken for your records to help formulate a treatment plan for your injections.  Some patients prefer a more square or V-shaped buttock while others want a more rounded “Kardashian” look. The amount of volume needed for these shapes and butt lift will be reviewed with more Sculptra needed for a more rounded and increased shape.

Sculptra is also used on the décolletage, inner arms, knees and hands to rejuvenate and produce new collagen in these areas.

Sculptra for acne scars is an amazing procedure since the new collagen which is produced replaces the lost volume from the scars causing a tethering or the skin.  Sculptra can be combined with other dermal fillers such as Restylane injections to treat the more superficial acne scars.

Before & After: 1 syringe of Restylane to tear troughs, 4 vials of Sculptra to cheeks, nasolabial folds, oral commissures & temples

How is Sculptra Different from other Dermal Fillers?

One of the key differences with Sculptra compared to other dermal fillers, like Restylane and Juvederm, and Juvederm Voluma is that they are formulated from hyaluronic acid and not poly-L-lactic acid. Hyaluronic acid fillers last for a shorter period of time and can only be used in certain anatomic locations of the face and body. Hyaluronic acids can be dissolved with either Vitrase or HyaLENEX. Traditional fillers can only be used in certain anatomic locations, and most are often injected superficially.

TL fillers RANGLE2 MGWatermark
Woman treated with Sculptra and Voluma

How is Sculptra Injected?

The patient will arrive in the NYC office of Dr. Michele Green for a consultation and a treatment plan is formulated.  Dr. Green will assess the area that you want treated and determine if you are a good candidate for Sculptra or other dermal fillers.  She will advise you how many treatment sessions and vials of Sculptra will be necessary to have full rejuvenation. Proper skin care will be discussed and your current regime will be reviewed.

If you are a candidate for the procedure or other facial fillers, a topical numbing cream is applied for one hour before the cosmetic injections. Patients are advised to refrain from blood thinners, Aspirin, multivitamins, Vitamin E, Fish oil and any other herbal supplements which can cause bleeding or bruising, for at least one week before the procedure.  Dr. Green recommends taking oral Arnica Montana before and after your injections to minimize bruising. Sculptra is injected into the deep dermis, below the surface of the skin, into the areas of the face or body which are being treated.

Over the next few months, Sculptra stimulates the production of your own collagen. Your body’s response to Sculptra injections is to encapsulate it with biospheres of your own new collagen. It is this new collagen which ultimately produces the improvement in the appearance of your skin. Generally, three to four treatment sessions, every four to six weeks, are required to obtain the best cosmetic results. Most patients can resume their normal activities immediately after leaving the office since there is little or no downtime. Makeup may be applied directly after the treatment. Since Sculptra is a gradual process which requires multiple sessions, the full results will take several months to complete. The body is still producing new collagen up to six months after the injections. There are no skin tests required for Sculptra since there are no known allergies associated with this product.

Recovery from Sculptra Injections

Immediately after the injections of Sculptra we recommend applying ice packs to the treated area. The treated areas will have some swelling or may have some localized bruising. We recommend refraining from drinking alcohol for 24 hours to minimize bruising. The most important rule after Sculptra injections is the “rule of 5’s”.  All patients are advised to massage the treated area for five days for five times a day. Massaging the treated area prevents nodules from occurring. The side effects of Sculptra will begin to become evident in 4 to 6 weeks from the injection.  The desired results can be maintained with minimal touch-up treatments.

What is the Cost for Sculptra?

The cost of Sculptra injections depends on the number of vials injected and the anatomic location of the cosmetic injections.  Because the number of treatments and vials depends on the specific area being treated, an in person consultation is necessary to evaluate the area. If one googles Sculptra and prices there are many “free” consultations and bargain injections.  When you further Google these clinics, these injections are typically not performed by physicians who are board certified dermatologists.  It is always important to consult an expert who is certified to do these cosmetic procedures for the best cosmetic results.

After completion of your treatment course, skin creases, wrinkles, depressions, facial volume and folds are all rejuvatened. The results of Sculptra last for up to two years in most patients. Dr. Green may recommend that your Sculptra treatments be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures, like Fraxel, or Thermage FLX, or BOTOX® Cosmetic to further enhance the ultimate result.

Sculptra is an all natural cosmetic treatment and does not contain human, animal, or bacterial components. It does not require any surgery or lasers, nor does it require allergy testing prior to treatment. Individuals that prefer to avoid synthetic materials can use Sculptra.

If you’re frustrated with the continued appearance of hollowness, age and deep wrinkles, there’s finally a natural solution that can help. To learn more about Sculptra, contact us online today or call 212-535-3088.

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