Warts Treatment

While they may be thought of as a harmless physical blemish, warts are actually caused by viruses called papillomaviruses. In New York, warts are classified both by type and location, and can be very painful, especially when located on the bottom of your feet. Proper skin care for warts is important both to ensure patient comfort and to prevent multiplication and spreading.

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Understanding Warts
Warts are small, rough skin growths that look like a solid blister or cauliflower. They’re most commonly seen on the extremities like the hands and feet, but can occur anywhere on the body. Scientists have identified as many as 10 different varieties of warts; although many are harmless, some may be symptomatic of a more serious condition such as HPV.

Although warts are contagious, they are also easily treatable. In general, warts tend to disappear on their own without any additional treatment after a month or two. Warts can disappear and recur throughout the course of your lifetime. For more persistent warts, medical skin treatment may be needed.

There are a variety of treatment options when it comes to wart removal, ranging from drugstore kits to medical-grade topical medications. One urban legend even suggests that applying duct tape to the area will eliminate your wart, although this claim hasn’t been backed up by any scientific evidence.

According to one study that examined the results of several clinical trials, topical treatment using salicylic acid was the most effective, showing a 75 percent cure rate compared to less than 50 percent cure rate with placebos. However, each patient will respond to treatment differently, and what works best for one may not be the preferred option for another.

Dr. Green may suggest a prescription cream or ointment to diminish the size and appearance of your wart, or may surgically remove it. Warts can also be frozen off using cryosurgery, or treated with a pulse dye laser.

If you’re concerned about the appearance of warts and home remedies haven’t given you the relief you hoped for, there’s a solution that can help. Contact us online today or call 212-535-3088 to learn more about whether Dr. Green’s combination approach toward wart treatment may be right for you.