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VBeam Laser Acne Scars & Acne Treatment

Acne is one of the nightmares that many teenagers and adults face at some point in their life. Many individuals are left with acne scars after an acne breakout has faded. These acne scars are typically more noticeable because of the redness that accompanies them. This redness appears as a result of broken capillaries that are left behind after acne lesions have healed. New acne scars tend to have a brighter pigmentation, making them harder to hide. The Vbeam laser is a pulsed dye laser, also known as a vascular laser, that significantly treats and removes acne scars.

How Does the Vbeam Laser Work?

The Vbeam laser treatment works by using a dye to generate different colors which are then delivered in pulses. The color of light the Vbeam emits is dependent on where it’s beaming. It works by releasing a burst of light at a wavelength of 595 nanometers to target the red pigment in blood vessels. Once the laser acne scar treatment has begun, the light energy that is beamed out gets converted into heat in the skin. The energy moves through the top layer of the skin known as the epidermis into the middle layer of the skin known as the epidermis. In the epidermis layer the energy is captivated by chromophores, an atom or group of atoms responsible for color. As a result of the chromophores absorbing this energy, the Vbeam laser does not interact with other parts of the skin.

When a blood vessel that’s been lasered becomes heated fast it can disperse immediately. However, blood vessels that are heated at a slower rate will shrink and disappear over the course of time. If you receive treatment with higher heat, you may bruise for a few days but at that rate one treatment will show you significant results. Treatment with lower heat will not lead to bruising but will require several treatments for desired results. The Vbeam laser gives off a warm or tingling sensation during treatment, making it pretty bearable for individuals to undergo without numbing. The skin is also protected through a cooling device that delivers a burst of cryogen before the laser pulse is delivered. This cooling aspect of the laser allows the patient to feel more comfortable and decreases post treatment redness.

Many patients receive treatment with the Ematrix or Fraxel laser in conjunction with the Vbeam. While the Vbeam targets redness left by scars, Ematrix tightens loose skin, improves skin texture, and reduces the appearance of acne scars. Ematrix is a sublative resurfacing laser that allows deep heat to generate under the surface of skin to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin.

IMAGE62 25 34 year old woman treated with acne scars treatment vbeam and ematrix MGWatermark

25-34 year old woman – acne scar treatment with Vbeam and Ematrix

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Are there any risks to Vbeam?

Vbeam is a safe, non-invasive, painless laser that works well when dealing with skin conditions such as acne scarring and redness. It can treat both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne and has minimal side effects. Four to six treatments done every two to four weeks with the Vbeam can give most individuals their desired results when looking for acne scar treatment.

Find out more about Vbeam treatments and other laser procedures, by contacting Dr. Michele Green online today or call 212-535-3088 to learn more about how she can treat your acne scars.

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