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Dr. Michele Green is an expert in the Latina population and in treating patients with darker or olive complexion. Because the Latina population is multi-cultural and diverse, special care of the skin is necessary both in terms of the products used and treatments performed.

One of the most common problems in darker skin types is hyperpigmentation or Melasma. Even though the skin may have natural pigment, Hispanic women are more susceptible to dark spots or discoloration which get accentuated by the sun, tanning, IPL lasers and topical treatments. Dr. Green specializes in treating this hyperpigmentation with a variety of creams such as her MGSKINLab’s Vitamin Infusion, which contains a non-irritating Retinol formulation, her Vita-C, and topical hydroquinones. Dr. Green will specially formulate a skin care protocol based on the problem areas of your skin. Special protocols including strict sun avoidance as well as treatments will be designed for your skin both to reduce the darkness and rejuvenate the skin.

Chemical peels are one of the best ways that Dr. Green transforms your skin into the radiant, healthy glow that you want by removing the top layer of skin and producing younger, fresher skin. Another common procedure that Dr. Green performs is microdermabrasion with oxygen facials to illuminate the skin and provide a refreshed complexion.

For melasma, Dr. Green utilizes Cosmelan and has had amazing success with reducing hyperpigmentation even in the most difficult cases. Cosmelan is a topical peel that Dr. Michele Green applies to your face in the office and the patient removes medicated peel on his/her face several hours later at home. The patient removes the peel with water and applies the regimen of Cosmelan products to remove the brown spots in just two treatments.

Acne scars is also a problem with Latina and Hispanic skin. Acne break outs tend to make the skin discolored and more susceptible to scarring. Acne treatments such as the Blue Light can help darker skin without being irritating to the skin like other topical drying agents. Dr. Michele Green also utilizes the Blue Light which can “zap those zits” away in a matter of minutes. The Blue Light kills the bacteria without the need for oral antibiotics. Dr. Michele Green warns that most lasers cannot be used on dark skin. Dr. Green recommends either microneedling or eMatrix for acne scars on darker complexions. Both of these procedures have little down time and are “color blind” and can be used safely on all skin types. Several treatments, scheduled at monthly intervals, will heal these scars and treat the discoloration, marks, and scars effectively.

Laser hair removal on darker skin must also be done with the proper lasers and caution. Dr. Michele Green has all of the latest lasers specifically designed for laser hair removal on Mediterranean, Latina, and dark skin. Through the Gentle Yag laser, hair is removed painlessly without any down time within a few minutes. In Dr. Green’s private office, you can have laser hair removal done quickly without any side effects or risk of hyperpigmentation.

Another common problem are dark under eye circles, which can be especially pronounced in patients with a darker complexion. Dr. Michele Green is an expert in cosmetic facial injections. She utilizes Belotero and Restylane to conceal the darkness and fill this delicate tear trough area. The result of the injections is a more youthful, brighter, and more rested appearing eyes.

For more information about dermatology treatments for Latina & Hispanic skin, please contact Dr. Michele Green at 212-535-3088 or contact us online.

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