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When we have conversations with other people, our main focus on the face is around the eye area. Our eyes are naturally drawn to other people’s eyes since making eye contact ensures that the person you are speaking to knows that you are paying them full attention. If the eyes look tired, then it is not uncommon for an individual to pass judgement. This can be frustrating and if our eyes are suffering from some of the effects of aging, such as loose skin, crow’s feet or even dark circles then these symptoms can also prematurely age us. Because the eyes are such a focal point of our facial area then it can be an aspect that women and men may become self conscious about.

Non-surgical eye lifts & eye lid lifts

The good news is that there are a number of non-surgical procedures available that can tackle the eye area, including both the lower eyelid and the upper eyelid. These cosmetic procedures are designed with an end result to help give the eyes a more youthful appearance and to reduce the fine lines and sagginess of the eye lid area. These treatments are non-invasive, which means you do not have to visit a plastic surgeon to have eyelid surgery. This procedure is also technically known as non-surgical blepharoplasty.

Fine Lines around the eye lid area

There are a couple of ways to tackle fine lines around the eye lid and under the eye area. The first is using the eMatrix laser. The eMatrix is a laser resurfacing treatment that is suitable for all skin types and can be used in the eye area to reduce fine lines. Generally, the treatments are carried out once per month, and one of the benefits of this procedure is that it is suitable for all skin types including Hispanic, Asian skin and African American Skin.

One of the key aspects that the eMatrix laser treatment helps with is collagen production in the eye area which can then improve skin tone. Another option that can work well on the eyelid skin is to target fine lines, dark circles and pigmentation under the eyes with chemical peels.

Botox Injections for Crows’ Feet

35 year old treated with Botox injections (Forehead, Glabella & Crows feet)

35 year old treated with Botox injections (Forehead, Glabella & Crows feet)

If you are suffering from what is often called “crow’s feet” then Botox may help. When we laugh or smile, fine lines and wrinkles can appear around the eye lid area. This is caused by when the eye skin becomes loose as we age. Botox helps give the appearance of smoother skin in this area. Although Botox isn’t a technically a skin tightening procedure, it helps stop the muscles in the target area from moving and forming the wrinkles in the first place. This can be effective around the eye lid area.

Botox is also great at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead and brow area too. One of the key benefits of Botox is that it is quick, easy and effective to administer. Another benefit is that there is no downtime associated with Botox treatments. This makes it a great non-surgical option. Botox will need to be repeated every three months or so to ensure that the results are maintained.

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Thermage for brow and eye lifts

Thermage is also an option that can help reduce the wrinkles in the eye area, as well as around the brow and forehead region. In some cases, it can be combined with other treatments such as eMatrix for under-eye wrinkles and help restore a more youthful appearance in female or male patients alike.

Another popular option is often referred to as the “Thermage browlift” where Thermage helps make the appearance look and feel firmer. This can also be combined with Botox.

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