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One of the telltale signs of the aging process is that of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Facial wrinkles such as laugh lines or frown lines can be a frustrating reality of getting older and can often make us look older than we feel. Thankfully, recent innovations in the world of dermatology have allowed patients to experience total facial rejuvenation without the need for plastic surgery through procedures like Microneedling, skin resurfacing laser treatment, chemical peels, Botox injections, and dermal fillers. In her private, discreet NYC dermatology office, Dr. Michele Green has been at the forefront of these cosmetic innovations for over two decades.

Dermal fillers are injectable treatments designed to boost the body’s collagen production, which in turn helps restore a youthful appearance to the skin and increase volume within the treatment area. Injectable fillers have become the gold standard for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, and hyaluronic acid fillers have perhaps become the most popular. The dermal fillers use a naturally occurring substance in the body, hyaluronic acid, to stimulate new collagen growth, leading to long-term facial rejuvenation and anti-aging. Galderma’s Restylane line of dermal fillers is one of the biggest names in hyaluronic acid fillers.

Restylane Defyne is a Restylane formulation that’s at the forefront of dermatological innovation. Restylane Defyne uses a hyaluronic acid formulation with unique XpresHAn cross-linking technology to reduce the appearance of moderate-to-severe nasolabial folds, smile lines, frown lines, and marionette lines. Additionally, Galderma laboratories announced that Restylane Defyne is now FDA-approved for use in chin augmentation, helping to enhance the jawline and reduce the appearance of chin recession and jowls. With its combined ability to reduce the appearance of deep facial wrinkles and improve chin projection, Restylane Defyne truly represents the best in non-invasive facial rejuvenation, providing long-lasting and natural-looking cosmetic results.

If you’re frustrated by the appearance of fine lines, deeper facial wrinkles, chin recession, or volume loss, expert NYC, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michele Green is here to help. Dr. Green is an internationally renown cosmetic dermatologist with over 25 years of experience in cosmetic dermal fillers and Botox injections. Dr. Green was one of the first dermatologists in New York to utilize Restylane injections to treat facial lines and volume loss and Botox injections for facial wrinkles. Her “less is more” philosophy of cosmetic dermal fillers will give you a rejuvenated, beautiful cosmetic result.

What is Restylane® Defyne?

Restylane Defyne is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that reduces moderate-to-severe signs of aging around the nose and mouth. Similarly to Restylane Refyne, it uses XpresHAn technology, which allows the hyaluronic acid to cross-link with the skin cells, creating an incredibly natural look. The new XpresHAn Technology allows the hyaluronic acid gel to mold to your tissue and flex within your skin to move naturally as you move your face. No matter what type of facial expression you make, whether smiling or frowning, the filler will not appear stiff or lumpy, and the results will appear soft and natural.

What is Restylane Defyne used for?

Restylane Defyne has been approved by the FDA for use on moderate to severe nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and facial wrinkles around the mouth and lower face since 2016 and was commonly used for this purpose under the name Emervel in Europe starting in 2010. It’s an excellent option for patients seeking volume correction to improve the firmness and smoothness of the skin while still maintaining natural expressions. Some injectors utilize Restylane Defyne in the lips to create more definition. Additionally, Restylane Defyne was approved by the FDA in 2021 for using chin augmentation, helping to restore volume to the jawline and make a younger, more dynamic pronouncement of the chin.

Restylane for Nasolabial folds - 1 month

What is the difference between Restylane Refyne and Defyne?

Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne are designed to improve the look of nasolabial folds, frown lines, marionette lines, and other fine lines around the mouth and lower face.

Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne also use advanced XpresHAn technology to smooth and firm the skin while maintaining natural expression. The two Restylane products have been shown in clinical studies to allow for natural expression in patients, with 97% of subjects satisfied with their results. This is achieved with the fillers’ cross-linking technology, allowing for flexible movement in the treatment area while still filling fine lines and wrinkles. The two fillers differ, however, in the density of the cross-linking technology, which contributes to the malleability of the gel. As such, Restylane Refyne is a more malleable gel, while Restylane Defyne is more dense.

The cross-linking density also contributes to Restylane Refyne and Defyne being used for slightly different purposes. While Restylane Refyne is designed to treat mild-to-moderate facial wrinkles, Restylane Defyne is tailor-made to treat moderate-to-severe creases and folds. When you have your initial consultation with Dr. Green, she will be able to determine if deep wrinkles require the use of Restylane Defyne over Restylane Refyne. Restylane Defyne is also FDA-approved to improve chin projection due to its slightly thicker volume-boosting formulation.

Is there any downtime required?

Restylane Defyne filler treatment is a non-invasive, non-ablative treatment, meaning there is no downtime necessary following the procedure. Filler injectable treatments have some common, mild side effects that may include bruising or swelling at the injection site in the days following the treatment. These side effects are mild and will resolve themselves. To reduce the likelihood of experiencing these side effects, Dr. Green recommends avoiding the intake of blood thinners, such as Motrin, aspirin, vitamin E, fish oil, and alcohol, in the week before treatment. Blood thinners can interfere with the natural healing process and cause bruising.

Furthermore, Dr. Green recommends avoiding direct sun exposure and extreme heat, such as saunas, hot showers, and hot tubs, in the 24 hours following treatment to avoid interfering with the gel setting process. Patients should also avoid putting pressure on the treatment area, including sleeping on their side. Following the treatment, Dr. Green will further explain the Restylane Defyne aftercare.

Can you use Restylane Defyne for lips?

Just like Restylane Refyne, Restylane Defyne is an excellent way to treat folds and wrinkles around the nose and along the corners of the mouth. Some providers will use Restylane Defyne “off-label” as a lip filler to create more volume and definition in the lips. Restylane Defyne comprises bigger particles than other fillers in the Restylane family. As such, Restylane is a firmer filler that can be used in the lips to achieve greater structure and even more volume. However, Dr. Green may recommend a dermal filler designed specifically for lip filler injections for most patients. Within the Restylane family, Restylane-L, Restylane Silk, and Restylane Kysse are appropriate options for natural-looking, enhanced lips. Within the Juvederm line of dermal fillers, Dr. Green might recommend Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Volbella to improve the contouring and volume of the lips.

Is Restylane Defyne good for the lips?

Explicitly designed for smoothing out deep laugh lines and chin augmentation, Restylane Defyne is typically the choice for lip filler within the Restylane family. Dr. Green usually turns to Restylane Silk or Restylane Kysse when choosing a lip filler. Restylane Silk is formulated with a smaller particle size than Restylane Defyne and is FDA-approved for injection in the lips and around the mouth to smooth out vertical lip lines. In particular, Restylane Silk is used to augment the cupid’s bow, creating a raised, symmetrical look to the upper lip. Restylane Kysse has also been designed specifically for injection into the lips, providing patients with soft, augmented, pillowy lips. Restylane Kysse can be injected directly into the lips for lip enhancement or into the shallow lines above the upper lip, smoothing the skin around the mouth for a more youthful appearance.

How long does Restylane Defyne last?

Restylane Defyne is an innovative, long-lasting injectable that will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles, improve chin projection, and define the lips, with results that last. Though all dermal fillers are considered temporary treatments, patients with Restylane Defyne treatment can expect improved elasticity, facial rejuvenation, and natural-looking results that last up to a full year. Once the effects of Restylane Defyne have begun to fade, patients can receive a yearly touch-up at Dr. Green’s office. Individual results may differ in terms of how long the effects of the treatment last, and, as such, Dr. Green will create a treatment schedule specifically tailored to your needs.

How long does Restylane Defyne last in the lips?

While Restylane Defyne is the ideal filler for eliminating the deep wrinkles of the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and wrinkles around the mouth, it can also be used “off-label” for lip augmentation. Restylane Defyne typically lasts six months to a year when used in the lips. Once the effects of the treatment begin to wear off, the procedure can be repeated for maintained volume and definition in the lips. There are many other kinds of dermal fillers, including a couple of fillers in the Restylane family, that are best for lip enhancement, such as Restylane Kysse, which can last for up to a year, and Restylane Silk, which can last for up to six months. When you arrive at Dr. Green’s office for your initial consultation, you will discuss your aesthetic goals, and Dr. Green will help you determine the suitable dermal filler to meet your needs.

How long does Defyne filler last in marionette lines?

Restylane Defyne can provide the revitalization needed to leave patients feeling more confident and youthful for up to a full year when treating deep folds or wrinkles in the mouth area. Marionette lines, which are the lines that appear between the corners of the lips down to the jawline, are one of the most common signs of aging that Restylane Defyne treats. Marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and fine lines and wrinkles in the mouth area are easily treated by Restylane Defyne, with results that last up to a full year in most patients.

How to make Restylane last longer

Restylane dermal fillers are temporary treatments that last long, depending on the filler used. The effects of the treatment are visible for as long as the filler remains in the treatment area before being metabolized by the body. While this process will occur naturally, and patients can receive touch-up treatments to maintain the results, some habits can be practiced to help keep the long-term effects. First, it is essential to adhere to a regular skincare routine and practice strict sun avoidance to protect your skin. If possible, stay out of the sun when the UV rays are most intense – typically between 10 am and 2 pm – and wear sunscreen of at least SPF 30 if you have to be outside. The sun’s rays can negatively impact the health of your skin and make the Restylane filler break down more quickly. It is also essential to maintain a healthy diet and to stay hydrated.

Additionally, limiting excessive exercise can help to keep your results lasting longer. A high metabolism can work to break down the filler faster, which means the effects of the treatment will not last as long. Exercise is essential, but it is best in moderation when looking to maintain the results of dermal fillers. Once you see the results fading, you can make another appointment with Dr. Green to receive a touch-up.

Who is a good candidate for Restylane Defyne?

A good candidate for Restylane Defyne has moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds or is interested in chin augmentation. Patients must be above age 21 to receive Restylane dermal fillers, but healthy patients seeking facial rejuvenation without downtime qualify for injectable hyaluronic acid filler treatment. Patients who are pregnant or are currently breastfeeding, have a history of severe allergies, also known as anaphylaxis, to lidocaine or gram-positive bacterial proteins, have a bleeding disorder, or take medications that affect bleeding and clotting (i.e., Aspirin, Warfarin) may be contraindicated for Restylane injections, so it’s best to discuss these factors with Dr. Green before treatment.

What is the procedure for having Restylane Defyne injections?

The process for Restylane Defyne injections is simple and convenient. First, you’ll meet with Dr. Green to discuss your individual needs and goals, and she’ll be able to assess your current skin condition and medical history to determine a treatment plan that’s right for you. When you return for Restylane Defyne injections, a topical numbing cream (anesthetic) will be applied to the treatment area to prevent discomfort. The Restylane Defyne gel also contains lidocaine, a numbing agent that reduces pain. From there, Dr. Green will inject Restylane Defyne to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve the chin and jawline profile. Dr. Green is an expert injector with a gentle, artful skill unparalleled in dermatology. She uses a “less is more” approach to honor natural expression while providing a rejuvenating glow to her patients.

When does Restylane take effect?

Patients will begin to see the volumizing results of Restylane injections immediately after treatment. As the hyaluronic acid gel is injected into the treatment area, it fills fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates the skin, and restores lost volume. Restylane dermal fillers also boost collagen production at the treatment site, contributing to long-lasting results even as the body dissolves the filler. As the dermal filler triggers the body’s natural collagen production, it will take some time post-treatment before patients will see the full results of the procedure. For most patients, the full effects of Restylane treatment will be visible four to six weeks after the injections are performed.

Will Restylane bumps go away?

Patients sometimes ask, “Do Restylane bumps go away?” and the answer is yes. One of the potential side effects of Restylane filler treatment is the formation of tiny bumps or lumps under the skin where the filler has been injected. These bumps can form due to swelling at the injection site or improper settling of the filler. Like most mild side effects of Restylane filler, the bumps that form will disappear within one to two weeks of treatment as the filler settles. If the bumps do not resolve independently, patients can turn to hyaluronidase to dissolve the hyaluronic acid filler and start again.

Will Restylane smooth out nasolabial folds?

Restylane Defyne is FDA-approved to fill deep lines and wrinkles, including the nasolabial folds and marionette lines around the nose and mouth. With proprietary XpresHan technology and cross-linking technology, Restylane Defyne smooths out these wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. When injected into the nasolabial folds and marionette lines, Restylane Defyne’s thicker particle size adds volume to the treatment area to smooth away creases without limiting the ability to make facial expressions. Cross-linking technology supports the treatment area while remaining flexible enough for a full range of expression.

Does Restylane expand after injection?

Restylane dermal fillers are injected into the treatment area using a fine needle. When the gel is injected, it settles in the treatment area. Still, it does not expand after injection, so there is no need to worry that surrounding areas will experience volumizing due to the Restylane treatment. Even without the concern of spreading, seeking treatment from an expert injector and board-certified dermatologist, such as Dr. Green, is still essential. Precision is vital in dermal filler injections, as injection into a blood vessel can lead to permanent, serious side effects.

Does Restylane dissolve?

The Restylane family of dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid-based fillers, meaning they will dissolve over time as they are naturally broken down in the body. Though the filler is gradually broken down, the results can be seen even beyond when the filler has dissolved. Restylane boosts the body’s natural production of the structural protein collagen, which helps fill in creases, decrease skin laxity, and combat volume loss. Restylane can also be dissolved using hyaluronidase, which, when injected, can break down hyaluronic acid-based filler. Hyaluronidase can be used if patients are not satisfied with the treatment results or have an unexpected allergic reaction to treatment.

KC restylane nasolabial before after FRONT 3 MGwatermark

Restylane for nasolabial folds

Can you use Restylane Defyne treatments in the chin and jawline?

As of 2021, Restylane Defyne is FDA-approved to help improve the contouring of the chin and jawline. By boosting collagen production, Restylane Defyne can enhance volume along the jawline, which can help to improve chin projection to enhance facial contouring. In clinical studies, 99% of patients noticed an improvement in the profile of their chin and jawline, and 96% of injectors observed measurable improvement in the chin projection of their patients. Additionally, trials indicated minimal side effects, with a single case of moderate injection site pain. Restylane Defyne can help to improve the chin profile, creating the perfect anchor to the face with no effect on natural movement, with results that last up to a full year.

Restylane Defyne is at the forefront of chin enhancement and is now FDA-approved for adults over 21. Restylane Defyne was studied mainly for chin projection due to patient demand, as online searches for chin enhancement increased by 185% in 2020 alone. Restylane Defyne is an exciting option in jawline contouring as it improves the look of the chin in patients of all genders, all skin types, and in a wide variety of ages (including patients over the age of 52). This marks Restylane Defyne as a revolutionary option for patients seeking to create a more pronounced chin and reduce the appearance of jowls and other signs of aging along the jawline.

Now that Restylane Defyne has been approved for chin augmentation, Restylane Defyne can radically rejuvenate and enhance the facial contouring of the lower third of the face. By reducing nasolabial folds and marionette lines and anchoring a more pronounced chin, patients can better balance the look of the face, taking years off the signs of aging. The chin is considered by many to be the foundational anchor of the face that can help to balance facial contouring, and chin enhancement builds on this foundation to wondrous effect.

Which Restylane is best for the chin?

The Restylane family of dermal fillers offers two innovative formulations that work to improve the profile of the chin: Restylane Defyne and Restylane Lyft. Both are FDA-approved for use to improve chin projection and create a striking, revitalized look for the structure of the face. When it comes to which Restylane is best, the answer varies depending on the individual needs and goals of the patient. When you work with Dr. Green, she’ll be able to determine which formulation will be best to fit your needs.

Which Restylane is best for the lips?

As each patient has unique needs and aesthetic goals, there is no one “best” dermal filler to treat the lips. However, Restylane-L, Restylane Silk, and Restylane Kysse are all excellent options for both lip rejuvenation and lip augmentation. Restylane-L is most similar to the original Restylane formulation, which is a perfect option for patients looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines at the edges of the lips. Restylane Silk is a unique filler treatment that can be applied to both the lips and the fine lines around the lip area and relies on an innovative, small particle size to help Dr. Green achieve a precise lip contour. Restylane Kysse is the newest lip enhancement formulation from Restylane and offers patients up to a full year in lip fullness, one of the longest-lasting lip fillers on the market. Restylane Silk and Restylane Kysse are excellent options for patients treating perioral lines (vertical lip lines). Dr. Green can discuss all of your available lip enhancement and anti-aging solutions and help you select the treatment options that are right for you.

IMAGE35 35 44 year old woman treated with restylane lyft MGwatermark

35-44 year old treated with Restylane

Are Restylane Defyne injections painful?

You may be wondering, do Restylane Defyne injections hurt? There may be some mild discomfort at the injection site, like any injection. However, Restylane Defyne’s formulation includes lidocaine, which helps to prevent any pain, and a topical numbing cream can be applied before your treatment to ensure that discomfort is virtually nonexistent. As injections occasionally cause bruising or swelling along the dermis, Dr. Green recommends that patients avoid blood thinning medications for a week before treatment.

How much is a syringe of Restylane Defyne?

According to data from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the average cost of Restylane dermal fillers is $800 to $1500 per syringe. The number of syringes necessary for treatment will depend on several factors, including the severity of wrinkles and creases in the treatment area and the patient’s aesthetic goals. After your initial consultation with Dr. Green, her office will be able to provide a better estimate of the total cost of treatment.

How much Restylane Defyne do you need?

The amount of Restylane Defyne required for treatment will vary depending on the size of the treatment area and the severity of facial wrinkles, folds, or chin recession. For patients hoping to reduce the appearance of severe fine lines and wrinkles, 1-2 vials are typically used. When it comes to chin augmentation, patients may need a slightly more significant amount for proper chin projection.

How much is Restylane Defyne?

Regarding how much Restylane Defyne or Restylane Refyne costs, the price varies widely depending on several factors, including your geographic location, the type of institution you receive your treatment, and your individual needs and goals. While patients can often receive dermal filler treatments at Medical Spas, which are typically less expensive due to their offers of specials, the risk of experiencing more severe side effects is higher. Seeking treatment from a board-certified dermatologist, such as Dr. Green, may be more costly, but the quality of care is very high. At Dr. Green’s office, the specific cost of the treatment will depend on the size and scope of the treatment area. When you meet with Dr. Green for your initial consultation, she will work with you to discuss your individual needs and goals and will develop a treatment plan that balances your budget and your desires.

Does Restylane have side effects?

Side effects from Restylane Defyne are typically minimal and mild. Some patients may experience redness or bruising at or near the injection site, a common side effect amongst all injectable treatments (including neurotoxin treatments such as Botox and Dysport). In rare cases, patients may experience more severe side effects. These are more likely to occur with an inexperienced injector. Many medical spas offer injectable treatments with inexperienced injectors that can inject directly into a blood vessel, putting a patient at risk for infection or blindness. For this reason, you must work with a board-certified medical professional. Dr. Green is an artful, experienced injector with over two decades of experience, and the safety and satisfaction of her patients is her top priority.

botox nyc

Is Restylane Defyne worth it?

Restylane Defyne is a safe and effective treatment to fill in moderate- to severe wrinkles along the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and creases around the mouth. The procedure can also be used for chin augmentation and to restore lost volume along the jawline for a contoured look. Restylane Defyne is a long-lasting treatment with excellent results lasting up to a year. In clinical trials testing patient satisfaction with the procedure, 97% of patients reported being satisfied with their results, 97% said they would do the treatment again, and 95% said they would recommend it to a friend. The cross-linking technology in the gel reduces fine lines and wrinkles for a younger look while maintaining the ability to make natural facial expressions. For that reason, the vast majority of patients find Restylane Defyne dermal filler treatment to be very worth it.

Is Restylane the same as Juvederm?

There are several similarities between Restylane and Juvederm, and both are available at Dr. Green’s Upper East Side New York City dermatology office. Restylane and Juvederm are hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers that can address similar aesthetic concerns, including nasolabial folds, marionette lines, volume loss in the midface, cheek augmentation, chin enhancement, and lip augmentation. Neither brand is inherently better than the other. Dr. Green will consider your physical needs and aesthetic goals and recommend which dermal filler will meet your needs.

How do I get started with Restylane Defyne injections today?

If you are bothered by fine lines, deep wrinkles, or facial volume loss in the lower part of your face, treatment with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers may be the solution. Restylane Defyne, manufactured by Galderma, is an excellent dermal filler product for diminishing the appearance of moderate to severe nasolabial folds (laugh lines) and marionette lines. Patients who choose Restylane Defyne treatment with an expert injector, such as Dr. Michele Green, can enjoy immediate rejuvenation with zero downtime. If you are interested in achieving long-lasting, natural-looking results and an overall more youthful appearance, Dr. Green can help.

Dr. Michele Green in New York City is an internationally renowned expert in the field of cosmetic dermatology, with over 25 years of experience providing some of the most discerning men and women from around the globe with the best non-invasive cosmetic treatments available, including dermal fillers. Castle Connolly, Super Doctors, and New York Magazine consistently identify Dr. Green as one of New York’s best physicians for her holistic approach and ‘less is more’ philosophy regarding facial rejuvenation treatment. Dr. Green understands that each patient has unique skin concerns and personal aesthetic goals and takes the time to create a customized treatment plan for each individual best suited to their needs. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Green at her private dermatology office in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan, contact us online today or call the office at 212-535-3088.

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