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Although people usually care for their face, an often neglected part of the body are the hands. Your hands are one of the places that tend to show the earliest signs of aging. While most patients understand the importance of facial rejuvenation, with liquid facelifts on the rise, the hands also need special attention. Dr. Michele Green, in her NYC private dermatology office, has formulated a special hand rejuvenation protocol designed to rejuvenate the aging process in your hands. Due to environmental damage and sun exposure, the skin starts to thin and dark spots and veins become more prominent. Due to a decrease in collagen and elastin, there is a loss of volume in the hands which is also very common with aging. Dr. Green’s hand rejuvenation procedures will restore lost collagen, tighten the skin, and renew the tone and texture of your skin. Dr. Michele Green is an expert in New York in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, such as Botox, Juvederm, Coolsculpting, Fraxel laser treatment and Kybella. With Dr. Michele Green’s hand rejuvenation treatments, your hands will be refreshed and restored to a more youthful appearance.

What is hand rejuvenation?

During the natural aging process, soft-tissue volume is depleted and if proper attention isn’t given to your hands, your hands will reveal their “true age”. The hands receive as much sun exposure as as the face, but are often not protected with sunscreen. The hand rejuvenation process consists of several key hand rejuvenation procedures which Dr. Green combines for the Hand Renew™ procedure. Thermage is utilized to tighten the skin on your hands, dermal fillers will restore lost volume, and laser treatments and chemical peels will remove the sun spots and textural problems of age. Dr. Green’s combination approach, in her private NYC office, provides the best results for hand rejuvenation, to restore youthful volume and improve both skin tone and texture.

Dermal Fillers for hand rejuvenation

When hands age they tend to lose volume, due to the loss of soft-tissue, causing the skin to sag and look thinner. You can see the bones and veins more prominently, which makes the hands appear older. Similar to procedures done on one’s face, dermal fillers can be used to plump up the skin and renew the hands. Dr. Green uses a variety of dermal fillers to refresh the hands and replace this lost collagen in the skin. SculptraRestylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse, all are effective injectable fillers for restoring lost volume. Radiesse was the first filler FDA approved for the back of the hands. Immediately, this filler works to add volume under the skin and over time, the benefits of Radiesse continue by stimulating your body’s own natural collagen. The natural results have been shown to last a year or more in many patients, making the treatment results both beneficial in the short and long term.

Sculptra injections work in a similar process as Radiesse in that it is a biostimulator and will produce new collagen to replace what was lost. Recently, the hyaluronic acid filler, Restylane Lyft (Perlane) was FDA approved to replace volume loss in the back of hands. Some plastic surgeons prefer fat grafting or fat transfer for the hands since they transfer unwanted fat from other areas of the body to an area, such as the hands, which needs volumization. Dr. Green doesn’t perform fat grafting, or recommend this type of plastic surgery, since this technique requires liposuction first and then fat transfer to the hands on the same visit. She believes in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures which do not require unwanted down time. For the best cosmetic results, Dr. Michele Green often layers different dermal fillers to effectively replace the loss of volume and refresh the appearance of your hands. The only side effect of this hand rejuvenation procedure is some minor bruising from the dermal fillers, so there is very little downtime.

Age spots and brown spot treatment for hand rejuvenation

Sun damage takes a toll on our skin, including the back of the hands. There are many effective treatment options now available to remove age spots from sun exposure. Depending on both the degree of sun damage and your skin type, there are a number of different laser treatment options to remove these sun spots.Fraxel is the gold standard for laser skin resurfacing and can remove superficial pigmentation, sun damage, and brown spots with almost no down time. Another very popular method is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), as this type of light can treat wrinkles, sun spots, and redness on the back of hands with no down time. Dr. Green utilizes Candela’s Alex Trivantage for deeper, discrete sun spots. Dr. Green’s protocol often combines the Fraxel laser for fine lines and overall sun damage with with Alex Trivantage for a customized hand rejuvenation treatment. One of the benefits of the Fraxel laser treatment is that through micro pulses of laser energy, there is an increase in collagen production and overall younger looking skin.

Similar to chemical peels for facial discoloration and sun damage, sun spots on the hands and forearms can be treated with chemical peels. A combination of hydroquiones and retinoids from the MGSKINLABS, Inc. line of products, combined with chemical peels, will leave your skin smooth and refreshed. One of the benefits of having chemical peels on distinct treatment areas, such as your face, arms, hands, back, or neck, is that you can customize your treatments to the specific area of damage. With each area, you can improve tone, texture, pigmentation, and fine lines, for younger looking skin. Peels and laser treatments require minimal down time and are the most popular hand rejuvenation procedure.

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Treating prominent veins on the hands

As the skin thins, and we lose collagen as we age, one of the most noticeable visible signs of aging in the hands are broken blood vessels and prominent veins. A combination approach is necessary to reduce the appearance of these prominent veins. The redness and discoloration from broken blood vessels and be treated with the IPL photofacial and the Vbeam laser.These lasers will remove the redness from sun damage along with the brown spots. Sclerotherapy for these prominent veins with Sclera can be used, in a similar procedure to those of treating leg veins. Injection of this sclerosant will shrink up these unwanted blood vessels. Similarly, when dermal fillers are injected into the hands, like Juvederm and Restyalne, the added volume minimizes the appearance of the these veins, and restores them to a younger appearance.

Skin tightening for hand rejuvenation

Thermage is a popular option for hand rejuvenation . Thermage can help reduce the appearance of crepey skin on ones hands that often appears as we age  and tightens the skin. Through radiofrequency heat, new collagen is formed and restores and rejuvenates the hands. Thermage can be used to restore any other area of the face or body treated. Only one treatment of Thermage is necessary and the results last up to two years.

How long do hand rejuvenation procedures last?

Sun damage and environmental damage to your hands can be reversed with laser treatments such as Fraxel and IPL. However, proper sun avoidance and sunscreen is needed so that new sun damage does not affect your results. With no new sun exposure, the dark spots and sun damage will be reversed. Volumizing hands with dermal fillers lasts between 6 months and 2 years, depending on which filler is utilized. Most patients return for touch-up injections periodically to maintain these cosmetic results.

How much does hand rejuvenation cost?

The cost for hand rejuvenation depends on which hand rejuvenation procedure is chosen. Laser treatment can vary in price from $800 to $1500, depending on the type of laser needed. Dermal fillers vary in price based on both the amount of filler needed and the type of filler needed.

Who is a good candidate for hand rejuvenation treatment?

The best candidates for hand rejuvenation are patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their hands and want to restore tone, texture, and volume to the skin. Additionally, patients who suffer from a great deal of sun damage and have sun spots on their hands are good candidates for hand rejuvenation treatments.

hand rejuvenation

How do I prepare for my hand rejuvenation treatment?

During your consultation, Dr. Green will discuss the best hand rejuvenation options with you. If you are scheduled for laser treatments, strict sun avoidance is necessary. Laser treatments such as Fraxel and IPL cannot be performed on tanned skin. If dermal fillers are schedule, it is advised to refrain from aspirin, motrin, Advil, Motrin, S. John’s Wort, oral Vitamin E, multivitamins, herbal supplements, and any blood thinners for 10 days before your procedure to avoid bruising.

What are the results from hand rejuvenation treatment?

Some procedures, such as dermal fillers, provide immediate results, as soon as the procedure is complete. Laser treatments can make one or multiple treatments to reverse sun damage and remove brown spots. With minimal down time with laser like the AlexTrivantage, sun spots can often be treated in one to two sessions, with only a few days of recovery. Thermage laser treatment takes longer to see the cosmetic results as it can take 4 to 6 months for collagen remodeling and the full cosmetic effect.

How do I learn more about hand rejuvenation options

To learn more about hand rejuvenation treatments and which procedures would be best for you, call the office of Dr. Michele Green today at 212-535-3088 or contact us online to schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns.

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