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In the past, if you wanted to treat issues with stomach fat without fully relying on diet and exercise, then you’d need to book an appointment with a plastic surgeon for liposuction. Today, with modern dermatological techniques it is possible to improve the appearance of belly fat and love handles during your lunch break.

There are a large number of cosmetic procedures available in the marketplace that are designed with skin tightening and body contouring in mind. These procedures are designed to tackle different areas of the body and some are specialists in that they work well for certain aspects, but not for others. In addition to that, these treatments have become popular with men and women.

Kybella treatments in the abdomen area

When it comes to injectable treatments, Kybella is best known for treating double chins with great results. However, it can also be used around the upper and lower abdomen to treat belly fat. It is also known to be used to treat love handles, or the pockets of fat that sit at the side of the hips. The use of Kybella to treat body fat in this way is not common, though it can help to destroy fat cells in this area. For fat reduction in this treatment area it is more common to apply a treatment such as CoolSculpting instead. This can be a more popular treatment since it doesn’t involve injections and does not require as many sessions, whereas Kybella has to be repeated at least three times in a given area, depending on the amount of fat.

More about Kybella treatments and potential side effects

Kybella’s active ingredient is deoxycholic acid and the drug itself is originally an FDA approved injectable used to treat submental fat in the jowls, double chin and neck area.

Most individuals who have Kybella treatments will require a few sessions to achieve the best results. These are usually spaced out a month apart since Kybella works quite slowly and it takes time to fully see the results.

Side effects are not normally too severe when it comes to Kybella treatments. There may be some soreness, bruising and general numbness in the area where the injections were made. At the initial point of injection, there may be a burning sensation felt, but this subsides quickly.

The good news is that for those looking for fat removal in and around the abdomen area there are a range of options available, not just Kybella injections. If you are looking to achieve some weight loss around the stomach without having to undergo plastic surgery then there are other options available.

Whether you want to treat a belly fat, or have your love handles reduced, Dr. Green can discuss the best options with you. To book an appointment, please contact our New York City based office or call 212 535 3088.

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