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Laser hair removal has become a popular cosmetic treatment for men and women, since it is a fast and effective procedure to permanently remove hair from anywhere on the body. For some patients, excess hair is a side effect of an underlying hormonal or medical issue. Some individuals want to save time and effort required in repeated shaving or waxing.  In some cases laser hair removal is needed for practical reasons, especially for those areas which are difficult to shave, such as the back and shoulders in men and the bikini area in women.

Laser hair removal is an FDA approved procedure which has evolved over the years, and provides an effective way to remove unwanted hair growth with a simple, painless, and safe solution. The laser selectively targets the hair follicles, without damaging the skin, and removes unwanted hair. Dr. Green utilizes two different laser treatments for unwanted hair growth, based on your skin tone and texture. Lighter skin requires the GentleLase® Laser and darker skin tones need the GentleYAG® laser to avoid any unwanted sides. Whether it be small areas such as the upper lip, or larger areas such as the upper back, when the treatments are finished you will be left with beautiful, smooth, clear skin.

Dr. Michele Green has been performing the best laser hair removal for her NYC dermatology patients, using state of the art laser technology, for over two decades. Laser hair removal for body hair has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. The majority of patients will experience permanent hair reduction from laser hair removal in a series of quick and easy treatments. Dr. Green is an expert in cosmetic dermatology and laser skin treatments for all skin types, including skin of color. She is consistently voted as one of the best dermatologists in New York and is here to help.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal works as a permanent solution for excess hair or general hair removal. Dr. Green uses the laser to target the pigment in the hair follicle, in the area selected for treatment. The pigmentation, or melanin, within the hair follicles absorbs the laser energy and heat, leaving the surrounding skin untouched. The laser hair treatment destroys the hair follicle during their growth phase. The hairs follicles which are in the dormant stage are unaffected by the laser treatment.  It is this process which explains why multiple treatment sessions are needed to achieve permanent hair reduction in a given treatment area. The next laser hair treatment is scheduled when the new hair begins to emerge, during their growth phase. Since each area of the body has a different rate of hair growth, the amount of time between treatments will differ with various areas of the body.  The majority of laser hair removal treatments will typically need six to eight sessions, spaced four to eight weeks apart, depending on the area of the body being treated.

It’s worth noting that laser hair removal is dependent on there being pigment within the hair follicle itself. Patients with white, or grey hair color cannot be treated by laser hair removal since there is little melanin or pigmentation in the hair follicle. Patients with red hair have a similar problem since there is not enough melanin in the hair follicle for the laser to treat. In these cases, patients need different hair removal methods, as electrolysis for permeant hair reduction.

Laser hair removal is great for both men and women. It can be performed on virtually any area of the body except the delicate eyelid region. It is most commonly used to remove hair in the axillae (armpits), legs, arms, abdomen, arms, bikini line, face, and on the upper lip. Some women prefer a “Brazilian” bikini treatment as well, to remove all of the unwanted hair in the bikini area. The most commonly treated areas for lasers hair removal in men are the back, chest, and shoulders. When you are finished with your laser hair removal, you will have silky, smooth skin.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

There are various lasers designed for permanent hair removal. Intense pulsed light (IPL) is one of the original hair removal devices. IPL is popular since it can be used to treat multiple skin conditions, besides permanent hair reduction, such as rosacea and pigmentation. Following the advent of the IPL, other more highly targeted lasers were developed. The newer, more advanced laser technology has created lasers with unique laser light to treat patients with both light skin and darker skin tones.  It is critical to use the correct laser and treatment settings for each patient’s skin type. Dr. Michele Green in NYC utilizes both the Candela GentleLase® and GentleYAG® lasers, for light skin and dark skin tones respectively, since they have a proven tract record of safety and effectiveness.

Hair Removal Procedure

Generally, laser hair removal is quick and easy to carry out and is painless overall. Before having laser hair removal, you should refrain from waxing, tweezing, or plucking your hair for two weeks prior to treatment. You may continue shaving before your treatment, including right before your next laser hair removal appointment.  Avoiding waxing is critical to the success of permanent hair reduction since waxing removes the hair root, which you need to be present for laser hair removal to be effective.  In addition, laser hair removal should not be performed on tanned skin.  If your skin is tan, the laser will interpret your tanned skin as pigmentation with increased melanin, and you may be more susceptible to a laser burn. Sun exposure should be avoided both before laser hair removal and immediately after your treatment.  Sunscreen of an SPF 30 or higher is recommended on the treated area for at least two weeks after your laser hair removal procedure, to avoid unnecessary side effects.

For patients who find laser hair removal uncomfortable, or are having laser hair removal in areas which are more sensitive, a topical numbing cream can be applied for 30 minutes before your treatment. The laser treatment for hair removal feels a little like a “rubber band” snapping against your skin.  Both hair removal lasers which Dr. Green utilizes are equipped with Cryogen, a special coolant, which lowers the skin temperature and causes the procedure to be much more tolerable.

The amount of a time for each treatment session of laser hair removal depends on the thickness of the hair and the size of the surface area being treated. Generally, the lasers will treat a circular area of around an inch at a time, so it makes sense that the hair on a person’s upper lip can be treated much faster than larger areas such as your legs or back. In all cases, Dr. Michele Green can help design the best treatment plan for your hair removal needs.

The GentleYag and GentleLase lasers both have the same re-treatment period. Facial re-treatments are generally scheduled 4 to 10 weeks apart. Laser hair removal to treat the face is scheduled every 4 weeks, the bikini area and axillae (armpits) is generally scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks, while arms and legs may be planned every 8 to 10 weeks. It is important for the patient to have the laser hair treatments performed at the right time intervals, to coincide with the growth cycles of the hair in the different regions of the body.

Best Treatment Options for Light and Dark Skin Tones

Dr. Michele Green’s New York City office has the latest laser technology to deliver fast, effective, treatments for both men and women. Unlike some practices that only use a single laser, we offer two different lasers tailored to the unique needs of lighter and darker skin tones. Patients with light skin color would be treated with the GentleLase laser.  Patients with darker skin color will be treated with the GentleYag laser, which is specifically designed for patients with skin of color

Dr. Michele Green offers the following options for laser hair removal treatments to make sure you’re getting the right solution to meet your appearance goals:

  • GentleLase® for Light Skin – GentleLase® is a remarkable hair reduction treatment which is quick and painless with no downtime. It removes hair while cooling the skin simultaneously to increase patient comfort. This laser is most often used for lighter skin tones.  Patients with dark hair and light skin type are the best candidates for this laser for permanent hair removal.
  • GentleYAG® for Dark Skin – Regardless of your skin type, whether you are Asian, Mediterranean, Latin, Indian, American, African American, or have tanned skin, the GentleYag® can painlessly and quickly laser your hair with no downtime. This nd:yag laser is designed for all darker skin tones and safely removes unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal on the Arms and Under Arm Region

Many people shave their underarms (axillae) on a daily basis and this can be one of those areas which people find hard to keep maintained since stubble can re-appear quickly. In addition to this, repeatedly shaving can cause a number of problems including ingrown hairs and cysts, not to mention razor burn and even razor cuts. In these situations, many people look for more permanent underarm hair removal solutions and in this particular case since the surface area is small, laser hair removal can be carried out quickly and effectively.

Before and After photo of laser hair removal (arms / female)

Many people shave their underarms (axillae) on a daily basis and this can be one of those areas which people find hard to keep maintained since stubble can re-appear quickly. In addition to this, repeatedly shaving can cause a number of problems including ingrown hairs and cysts, not to mention razor burn and even razor cuts. In these situations, many people look for more permanent underarm hair removal solutions and in this particular case since the surface area is small, laser hair removal can be carried out quickly and effectively.

Another area that can have excess hair and that individuals may wish to permanently treat are the arms. Shaving and waxing the arms is impractical since stubble occurs relatively quickly after the area is shaved. In addition, it is extremely noticeable when patients shave their arms as the hair starts to re-grow. Many of Dr. Green’s patients have their full arms treated and tell us that they are now comfortable wearing tank tops for the fist time.

Laser Hair Removal for the Legs

For many women, removing the hair on their legs is a chore that they have been carrying out for years. Not only is shaving or waxing time consuming, but the costs can mount up over the years. To simply avoid the daily hassle and inconvenience many women want a permanent solution to their leg hair and are turning to laser hair removal to permanently resolve this issue. Ingrown hairs are also a constant nuisance for many patients, and laser hair removal will prevent these ingrown hairs from forming. Silky smooth legs can be obtained quickly and easily and the best news of all is that after several treatments the results are permanent hair reduction.

The number of sessions of laser hair removal that you will need depends on your skin type and coarseness of your hair. In general, six treatments is usually effective for completely removing unwanted hair. In addition, an individual should always plan their laser hair removal during the proper growth phase, to ensure that the treatment is effective. The office of Dr. Green will help you plan your laser hair treatments in advance, at the correct treatment intervals, in order to hair permanent hair reduction.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser hair removal on the body is becoming more popular for both men and women alike. In many cases body hair removal is done for aesthetic and personal taste reasons. Many men are choosing to remove chest and other body hair in order to achieve a smoother look. Since these treatment areas are somewhat larger than other body areas, a laser hair session can take a bit longer time. It can take up to one hour to treat a man’s entire back.

For men, ehe most commonly treated areas for men are backs, shoulders and chest area. Laser sessions for the back is are typically spaced 8 to 10 weeks apart. Again, it is important to avoid waxing and plucking the hair between treatment sessions, since the root is needed to be present to make the laser hair removal effective. Skin color and skin type is important to determine before treatment, in order to choose the appropriate type of laser hair removal and settings on each patient. Patients with darker skin tones are much more susceptible to hyperpigmentation and laser burns and special care needs to be used in these patients.

Laser Hair Removal for the Bikini Line

Laser hair removal in the bikini line or pubic area is a quick process, taking 15 to 30 minutes per session. This area of the body typically requires six laser treatments to become smooth and hairless on a permanent basis. Treatment sessions should be scheduled every 4-6 weeks after each session for permanent hair reduction.

Laser hair removal on the bikini area is one of the most popular areas of the body, since many patients suffer from ingrown hairs in this area. Having laser hair in the bikini area will put an end to ingrown hairs. Certain conditions are also made worse through shaving such as folliculitis, where the hair follicles become infected and inflamed, or pseudo-folliculitis, which are bumps that are caused by hair growing back into the skin. Laser hair removal helps treat all of these conditions and its benefits are not just for hair reduction.

Laser Hair Removal on the Neck

For both men and women, the neck is another problem area which people often wish to treat using laser hair removal since it can be unsightly and is difficult to manage with a razor. Generally, hair on the neck is a little coarser and also has many ingrown hairs. This is another reason why many patients a permanent solution. Men, in particular, suffer from ingrown hair and many develop pseudo-folliculitis in this area. With laser hair removal of the neck, the treatment area is relatively small and can be treated rather quickly. As with other areas of the body, multiple treatment sessions will be required to remove unwanted hair.

Facial Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal on the face is extremely popular.  Many women suffer from unwanted hair on their upper lip, chin, and sideburn areas. Facial hair, in women, can often be the result of hormonal imbalances. When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Michele Green for laser hair removal, she will do a complete medical history and laboratory analysis. Many patients will need oral treatments such as birth control pills or Spironolactone in conjunction with their laser hair removal to keep the unwanted hair under control. Laser hair removal procedures on the face typically are performed every 4 weeks with approximately 5 to 6 sessions needed for permanent hair reduction.

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

The most common side effects from laser hair removal are hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, burns, and blisters. These unwanted side effects can occur for various reasons.  First, the wrong laser or treatment may be used on patent with a darker skin tone.  If the heat generated by the laser is too strong for their particular skin type, a blister or burn can form. Alternatively, the wrong laser settings may be used, and the patient can suffer a burn. When patients suffer laser burns, they run the risk of either hyperpigmenataion, or a permanent loss of pigment, hypopigmentation.

If you suffer from one of these unwanted side effects, you will need to have special wound care and skin care in order to prevent scarring. Dr. Green has consulted on many such cases of hyperpigmentation and has successfully treated these patients who are suffering from unwanted hyperpigmentation. This is why it is so important to google or research your treating physician before undertaking any cosmetic procedures, in order to avoid such adverse reactions or side effects. In addition, at home laser treatments have increased in popularity.  While they have the ability to treat small areas, these at home laser treatments are considered cosmetic and not medical devices by the FDA and are not regulated as closely. Special care should be used in purchasing and using these at home laser treatments to avoid unwanted side effects.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

When patients ask, does laser hair removal last forever, the answer is yes! After between 5 and 6 treatments, depending on the treatment area, you will be hair-free in that area from then on. Laser hair removal works by destroying the hair follicle when it is in its growth phase. In the treatment area, not all hair follicles will be in the growth phase at the same moment, which is why you will need multiple treatments in order to receive permanent smoothness and hairlessness on your skin. Women who experience hair growth on their face may have a hormonal imbalance that can lead to hair on the upper lip and side burns. To stave off regrowth after laser hair removal treatment, Dr. Green may recommend birth control pills or Spironolactone to treat the hormonal imbalance.

k37 laser hair removal arms 1 MGwatermark

Laser hair removal on arms before and after

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Laser hair removal is a very safe procedure that requires no recovery time or downtime. During the procedure itself, most patients report minimal discomfort as the treatment occurs. As the laser is applied to the skin, it feels like a rubber band is lightly snapping the treatment area. If this is a source of discomfort for you, Dr. Green can apply a topical numbing cream or lotion approximately 30 minutes before beginning treatment. The type of laser that is used in the procedure can also determine the level of discomfort. Dr. Green always used lasers with the best technology for minimizing discomfort during treatment: GentleLase and GentleYAG. Both lasers contain Dynamic Cooling Devices, which keeps the skin cool during the laser treatment.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Yes! Dr. Green has been safely and effectively performing laser hair removal at her Upper East Side office for many years. Dr. Green uses two different types of lasers to ensure the safety of everyone regardless of complexion. Previously, laser hair removal was only recommended for patients with light skin and dark hair but with the advent of the GentleYAG laser, Dr. Green is able to safely and effectively treat patients with dark skin tones or tanned skin. Both lasers that Dr. Green uses, the GentleLase for lighter skin types and GentleYAG for darker skin types, employ Dynamic Cooling Technology that protects and cools the skin while still removing the hair follicle. With Dr. Green’s expert technique, receiving laser hair removal treatment is safe and effective.

When administered at home or by someone who is not an expert, laser hair removal can have  dangerous side effects. Using the wrong laser for your skin type can lead to burns or discoloration on the skin. In addition, MedSpas and other clinics generally do not have staff who are as trained laser technology.  In order to avoid possible adverse side effects, it is best to schedule your laser hair removal with an expert cosmetic dermatologist, such as Dr. Green in NYC. Dr. Michele Green has been treating patients in the Upper East Side of New York for over 25 years.

Does laser hair removal work?

Yes! Laser hair removal is extremely effective at eliminating the hair follicle in order to keep the treatment area hair-free permanently. The laser works by emitting a wavelength of light that penetrates the layers of your skin and is absorbed into the hair follicle while it is in its growth phase. The light energy is converted into heat, which then destroys the hair follicle permanently. The cooling technology in the laser keeps the layers of your skin safe from any damage. The treatment has to be repeated in order to eliminate all of the hair follicles as the laser only destroys the hair follicles that are in their growth phase. The number of times the treatment needs to be repeated is dependent upon the treatment area and the thickness of the hair there, however, once you have received sufficient treatments, the hair in the area will be gone permanently.

Which laser hair removal is best?

When patients ask, which is the best laser hair removal machine, the answer is: it depends. Dr. Green uses two different kinds of lasers at her office: GentleLase and GentleYAG. Both lasers are extremely effective in destroying the hair follicles responsible for unwanted hair growth and contain cooling technology that keeps your skin safe and discomfort to a minimum. GentleLase is best to use to treat patients with light skin and dark hair. The Alexandrite laser uses long-pulse, high-energy technology to effectively eliminate the hair follicle. GentleYAG, on the other hand is designed specifically to treat patients with dark or tan skin and uses a 1064 wavelength. Both lasers can be used to remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body. The “best” laser depends on your skin tone, skin type, and type of hair being treated. When you schedule your consultation with Dr. Green, she will assess your treatment area and make a determination about the treatment plan that is right for you.

How long does laser hair removal last?

Once multiple treatments have been performed to target all of the hair follicles while in their growth phase, laser hair removal lasts forever. The treatment is a permanent solution for hair removal across many parts of the body, including the face, back, arms, chest, bikini line, and legs.

Can you get laser hair removal while pregnant?

Pregnancy causes hormones levels to shift, which can create a wide variety of changes in and on the body. Some pregnant women experience an increase in hair growth across their body and with a growing baby bump, shaving can become increasingly challenging. For that reason, some pregnant women want to turn to laser hair removal to rid themselves of excess hair. However, the effects of laser hair removal on pregnant women have not been tested in clinical trials. For that reason, Dr. Green recommends that you do not receive laser hair removal treatment while pregnant. If you are experiencing excessive hair growth in unwanted areas during pregnancy, you can consult on other possible solutions with Dr. Green.

Does at home laser hair removal work?

Recently, at-home laser hair removal devices have become more popular and readily available. However, are they an effective solution for laser hair removal? The at-home laser hair removal devices are much smaller than professional-level machines and much less powerful. For that reason, they are not effective for treating large treatment areas and even for small treatment areas, may not have the necessary power to fully remove all hair. While it may seem at first that they are a cost-effective solution to hair removal, one at-home device may cost somewhere in the range of $400-500. As they are low energy and smaller, you may need to replace the device or the cartridge often in order to actually achieve your hair removal goals in a specific area. Further, due to the fact that you are not having a professional perform the treatment, there is higher risk of severe side effects, such as burns or hyperpigmentation. Should that occur, it is best to go to a board-certified dermatologist to repair the damage to your skin. As such, it would be more cost effective to go to a dermatologist in the first place to ensure the procedure is done correctly.

Additionally, at-home lasers are not labeled as “medical devices,” rather they are labeled as “cosmetic devices” and for that reason they do not require FDA approval nor are they regulated closely. What is more, at-home lasers are only available for people with light skin and dark hair. If you have dark skin, it is best to go to a board-certified dermatologist rather than attempt laser hair removal at home. For additional information about laser hair removal, there are many excellent reviews in the dermatology journals, including those published by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

Does laser hair removal cause cancer?

No. Laser hair removal does not cause cancer – in fact, laser treatment is often used to treat lesions that could be early signs of cancer such as sun spots and moles. Laser hair removal is perfectly safe to use, especially when you are treated my an expert dermatologist, such as Dr. Green.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

The cost of laser hair removal depends on several factors including the size of the area of treatment, your geographic location, and the type of institution at which you receive your treatment. According to the American society of Plastic Surgery, the average session for laser hair removal was approximately $300. Laser hair removal can be performed on many areas of the body including the face, arms, armpits, back, chest, and pelvic area. The cost of the treatment increases as the size of the treatment area increases so if you are receiving treatment on your upper lip, it will be less expensive than receiving treatment on your chest.

The type of institution at which you are receiving the treatment is also a key factor in determining how expensive the treatment will be. If you opt to receive treatment at a MedSpa, for example, it will likely be less expensive than receiving treatment from a board-certified dermatologist. However, seeking treatment from a MedSpa is more likely to result in unwanted side effects such as laser burns or hyperpigmentation. That is why it is safer and ultimately more cost effective to receive expert laser treatment from Dr. Green.

How much is Brazilian laser hair removal?

The cost of Brazilian hair removal depends mostly on your geographic area as well as whether you are seeking treatment from a healthcare professional, such as Dr. Green, or at a MedSpa. The area surrounding the genitals is very sensitive so it is important to seek treatment from an expert in order to minimize any discomfort in the treatment area. When you have your initial consultation with Dr. Green, she will be able to give you a clearer estimate on the cost of your treatment.

How much is laser hair removal for face?

The cost of laser hair removal, similarly, depends on the size of the treatment area as well as where you are receiving treatment. The upper lip is a small treatment area, which will cost much less than the larder treatment areas like the legs or back. Because the face is also a sensitive area and is highly visible, it is recommended that you seek treatment from a trusted, expert dermatologist, such as Dr. Green, who has years of experience safely and effectively using laser treatment to remove hair on the face.

Laser Hair Removal

How to start laser hair removal today

If you’re ready to enjoy smooth, beautiful skin, there’s finally a solution which can help. Dr. Michele Green is an expert in cosmetic dermatology, including the best Botox, dermal fillers, and laser treatment in NYC. Dr. Green is consistently voted as one of the best dermatologists in New York by Castle Connolly, New York Magazine, Super Doctors, and the New York Times. Please Contact us online today or call our NYC based offices at 212-535-3088 to schedule a consultation for laser hair removal. Dr. Green offers permanent hair reduction for both men and women, with all skin tones.

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