Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal has become a popular cosmetic treatment for men and women, since it is a fast and effective procedure that can permanently remove hair from various areas of the face and body. For some individuals excess hair is a side effect from an underlying hormonal or medical issue, while for others the overall goal is to save time and effort of having to repeatedly shave or wax the same areas. In some cases laser hair removal is also requested for practical reasons especially for areas that are hard to shave, such as the back and shoulders.

    How Laser Hair Removal Works

    Laser hair removal is a permanent solution for excess hair or general hair removal. A laser is used to target the hair in the problem area and the pigmentation in the individual strands of hair that is contained within the follicles absorbs the laser energy and heat, while leaving the surrounding skin untouched.

    It’s worth noting that laser hair removal is dependent on there being pigmentation within the hair follicles itself. Therefore, white or grey hair follicles respond poorly to this treatment and electrolysis may be worth considering here.

    Laser hair removal is great for both men and women. It can be performed on any area of the body except the delicate eyelid region, and is most commonly used to remove hair in the armpits, on the legs, arms, bikini line and on the upper lip. On men, the back, chest, and shoulders are also areas that are commonly treated.

    Best Treatment Options for Light and Dark Skin Tones

    Our New York City based offices has the latest laser technology to deliver fast, effective treatments for both men and women. Unlike some practices that only use a single laser, we offer two different lasers tailored to the unique needs of lighter and darker skin tones.

    Dr. Michele Green offers the following options for laser hair removal treatments to make sure you’re getting the right solution to meet your appearance goals:

    • GentleLase® for Light Skin – GentleLase® is a remarkable hair reduction treatment that is quick and painless with no downtime. It removes hair while cooling the skin simultaneously to increase comfort. This is often used for lighter skin tones.
    • GentleYAG® for Dark Skin – Regardless of your skin type, whether you are Asian, Mediterranean, Latin American, African American, or have tanned skin, the GentleYag® can painlessly and quickly laser your hair with no downtime.

    Laser Hair Removal on the Arms and Under Arm Region

    *Disclaimer: Results may vary with each patient.

    Before and After photo of laser hair removal (underarm / female)

    Many people shave their underarms on a daily basis and this can be one of those areas that people find hard to keep maintained since stubble can re-appear quickly. In addition to this, repeatedly shaving can cause a number of problems including ingrown hairs and cysts, not to mention razor burn and even razor cuts. In these situations, many people look for more permanent underarm hair removal solutions and in this particular case since the surface area is small, laser hair removal can be carried out quickly and effectively.

    Another area that can have excess hair and that individuals may wish to permanently treat is on the arms. Shaving and waxing here can be impractical and stubble can occur relatively quickly after the area is shaved. We often get enquiries about the underarms and armpits that end up being about the arm overall.

    Laser Hair Removal on the Legs

    For many women, removing the hair on their legs is a chore that they have been carrying out for years. Not only is having to shave or wax time consuming, the costs can mount up over the years. To simply avoid the daily hassle and inconvenience many women are now looking for a permanent solution to their leg hair and are turning to laser hair removal to resolve this issue once and for all. Silky smooth legs can be obtained quickly and easily and the best news of all is that after a few treatments the results are permanent.

    The number of treatments you will need is dependent on your skin type but generally between three to six treatments is usually effective for completely removing the hair permanently. In addition, an individual should wait between six to twelve weeks between treatments to ensure that the treatment is effective.

    Laser Hair Removal on the Body

    Laser hair removal on the body is becoming more popular for both men and women alike. In many cases body hair removal is done for aesthetical and personal taste reasons. For example, a man may choose to remove their chest hair in order to achieve a smoother look. Generally, since the treatment areas are larger than some other body areas, treatment length can be a little longer. For example- it will take around an hour or so to treat the entire back of an individual.

    Before and After photo of laser hair removal (back / male)

    Laser hair removal is also growing in popularity for men. The most commonly treated areas for men are backs, shoulders and chest area. Laser sessions for the back is are usually spaced 6-8 weeks apart.

    Laser Hair Removal for the Bikini Line

    Laser hair removal in the bikini line or pubic area is a quick process, taking 15 to 30 minutes per session. This area of the body may require six to eight laser treatments to become smooth and hairless on a permanent basis. Follow up sessions should be undertaken between 4-6 weeks after each session for optimal results.

    Typically, this is often done because the individual is susceptible to certain conditions that are made worse through shaving such as folliculitis, where the hair follicles become infected and inflamed, or pseudo-folliculitis, which are bumps that are caused by hair growing back into the skin.

    Laser Hair Removal on the Neck

    For both men and women, the neck is another problem area that people often wish to treat using laser hair removal since it can be unsightly and is difficult to manage with a razor. Generally, hair on the neck is a little coarser than in other areas and this is another reason some people look for a permanent solution to this.

    In this case, the treatment area is relatively small and therefore can be treated quickly. As with other areas multiple treatment sessions will be required to remove hair completely, though the amount varies on a case by case basis.

    Laser Hair Removal on the Face

    There are some laser hair removal treatments that can be done on the face that are popular with both men and women, although in many cases men and women look to treat different excessive hair aspects.

    For women it is common to want to remove the hair permanently in the upper lip and side-burn area. Men are more often looking to treat the full beard area and permanently remove certain parts of their facial hair. Laser hair removal procedures on the face typically are performed every 4 weeks with approximately 5 to 6 sessions needed for hair reduction.

    Treatment Specifics

    Generally, laser hair removal is quick and easy to carry out and is painless overall. Those looking to have laser hair removal should refrain from shaving and waxing for two weeks prior to treatment since the hair root needs to be present for laser hair removal to be effective. In addition to this – we recommend avoiding sun exposure too, since the UV exposure will tan the skin and make you susceptible to burns from the laser itself.

    The amount of a time that a treatment takes is dependent on the thickness of the hairs and the size of the surface area being treated. Generally, the lasers will treat a circular area of around an inch at a time, so it makes sense that the hair on a person’s upper lip, for example, can be treated much faster than the hair on your legs or entire back region. In all cases, Dr. Michele Green can help you work out the best treatment plan for your hair removal needs.

    The GentleYag and GentleLase laser both have the same re-treatment period. Facial retreatments are usually 4 weeks apart. Laser hair for the bikini area and axillae (armpits) is generally every 4 to 6 weeks, while arms and legs may be every 8 weeks. It is important for the patient to have the laser hair treatments performed at the right time intervals to coincide with the growth patterns of the hair in the different regions of the body.

    Next Steps & Laser Hair Removal Costs

    If you’re ready to enjoy smooth, beautiful skin, there’s finally a solution that can help. Contact us online today or call our NYC based offices at 212-535-3088 to learn more about how Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Green can customize a laser hair removal plan that’s right for you. The cost for laser hair removal varies depending on the location and the amount of treatment sessions needed, which varies greatly per patient.

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