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Male Pattern Baldness, Thinning Hair & PRP Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy has become a popular method of hair regrowth treatment. A non-surgical procedure that uses one’s own blood and with treatment procedures lasting under 30 minutes, it has a variety of uses. For example, it’s been used by basketball star Kobe Bryant for his right knee injury, but also has been used with hair restoration – such as with LeBron James and various other celebrities and athletes.

Using a sample of your own blood, your blood is spun in a centrifuge in order to separate out the platelets and plasma. The highly concentrated platelet rich plasma (PRP) is injected into the scalp in order to stimulate hair growth. Its initial popularity for rejuvenation was first with women, but has since been proven to be effective for men experiencing androgenetic alopecia or thinning hair.

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Additional PRP Hair treatment photos

Male with PRP treatment on hair – 4 months

*Disclaimer: Results may vary with each patient.

Before & After Image of PRP Treatment on Male Hair

PRP can also be used with other hair procedures, but for best results, three sessions are scheduled at monthly intervals. In fact, after treatment stops, a natural hair loss pattern may resume, and so it is worth scheduling ongoing checkups to maintain the progress achieved.

PRP hair restoration is often also associated with stem cell hair restoration too, since PRP can stimulate the hair follicles in order to achieve regrowth. The treatment procedure aims to grow thin hair into a restored thickness. As a result, the procedure is ideal for males who are experiencing thinning hair and starting hair loss – as opposed to males with complete bald areas.

48 year old treated with PRP for Hair Loss, after 4 treatments

What is the cost of PRP treatments for male hair restoration?

Treatment sessions and price range depending on how much restoration is needed. PRP procedures can also be combined with other procedures such as micro needling or hair transplant surgery, and every case is different – so it is best to review all of your medical history and options with Dr. Michele Green at the time of the consultation.

Are there any potential side effects to PRP Hair Treatment?

Some temporary inflammation may occur after the injection procedure is complete, but this usually lasts less than 24 hours. PRP has been shown to restore hair in male patients suffering from hair loss or androgenetic alopecia.

Find out how to delay male pattern baldness and reverse hair loss with PRP treatments and contact Dr. Green to schedule an appointment today at (212) 535-3088 or contact her online.

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