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Sculptra Neck

Learn more about Sculptra for Décolletage and Neck Rejuvenation

As a result of the natural aging process, collagen production decreases, which leads to volume loss, increased skin laxity, and fine lines and wrinkles along the neck and décolletage area. Collagen is the protein responsible for firm, smooth, youthful-looking skin. Starting in your late 20s and early 30s, the neck may have a crepey, wrinkled appearance as collagen production diminishes. Over time, damage from the UV rays of the sun and other environmental factors can further increase the prominence of volume loss, which leads to more significant skin laxity and the formation of even deeper wrinkles along the neck and chest. Board-certified NYC dermatologist Dr. Michele Green offers the most cutting-edge, non-invasive cosmetic treatments for skin rejuvenation, including Sculptra injections, at her private Upper East Side dermatology office.

Sculptra Aesthetic is a liquid injectable filler that works wonders on rejuvenating many areas of the body, including the neck and décolletage, by stimulating collagen production for a natural, youthful look. In 2009, the FDA approved Sculptra to treat facial volume loss for patients. Sculptra is a long-lasting solution to volume loss, which requires no downtime. For patients uncomfortable with the idea of a surgical facelift or neck lift, Sculptra is a non-surgical rejuvenation option with stunning results. Sculptra differs from other popular hyaluronic acid dermal filler products, such as Restylane and Juvederm, in that it is composed of poly-L-lactic acid. Sculptra is designed to naturally boost the body’s collagen production for long-lasting, natural-looking results. A great deal of precision is required for safely and effectively performing the injections, so it is best to seek treatment from an expert, board-certified dermatologist, such as Dr. Michele Green in NYC.

Dr. Green is an internationally renowned expert in the field of cosmetic dermatology who has been treating patients in her private dermatology office, located in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan, for more than 25 years. She is consistently identified as one of New York’s best dermatologists by Castle Connolly, New York Magazine, and Super Doctors for her expertise in non-invasive cosmetic treatment options, including dermal fillers such as Sculptra, Radiesse, Juvederm, and Restylane, as well as other cosmetic injectables like Botox and Dysport. Dr. Green also specializes in laser treatments, microneedling, and chemical peels, among other treatments, and works with her patients individually to create a customized treatment plan for rejuvenation. If you are concerned with sagging skin, volume loss, wrinkles, sun damage, or photo-aging on your neck, Dr. Green is here to help.

What is Sculptra Aesthetic?

Sculptra Aesthetic is an injectable dermal filler that restores lost volume to the treatment area for a rejuvenated, non-surgical neck, face, or butt lift. Sculptra is a dermal filler composed of synthetic poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which stimulates the production of new collagen to combat volume loss in several body regions. As Sculptra triggers the body’s own collagen production process, the treatment results are long-lasting and provide patients with a naturally youthful look.

Sculptra was FDA-approved initially in 2004 to treat lipoatrophy in HIV patients, which is characterized by the loss of fat cells in the face, sunken cheekbones, and a hollow appearance of the midface. In 2009, Sculptra became approved by the FDA for cosmetic use in non-immunocompromised patients and to combat volume loss resulting from the body’s natural aging process. Volume loss on the face and neck can also exacerbate the appearance of signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles that become etched into the skin. As such, Sculptra can help to reduce these tell-tale signs of aging with long-lasting results. Weight loss can also lead to the appearance of sagging skin, which can be treated with this unique dermal filler. Sculptra can treat volume loss in many body areas, including eliminating common creases in the face, such as marionette lines and nasolabial folds, without requiring a facial plastic surgeon. Sculptra can also be used on the neck to contour the jawline, décolletage, chest, and arms, as well as to reduce the appearance of cellulite and for a non-surgical butt lift.

Can Sculptra be used on the neck for neck rejuvenation?

When patients ask, “Can Sculptra be injected in the neck,” the answer is yes! Sculptra is a perfect filler to address age- or weight-loss-related volume loss, deep wrinkles, and fine lines on the neck. The liquid filler can reverse the crepey look associated with the neck’s natural aging process. Collagen loss can lead to increased skin laxity and a hollow appearance in the neck and décolletage. Sculptra is a safe, effective, and long-lasting solution for neck rejuvenation to restore lost volume for a smooth, youthful look.

Sculptra Injections versus Plastic Surgery

When most patients hear the term “neck lift,” they think of a surgical procedure performed by a plastic surgeon. A surgical neck lift can reduce skin laxity, decrease the appearance of wrinkles, and reduce the concentration of fat below the chin and along the neck. However, the procedure involves an incision typically made behind the ears and potentially liposuction to reduce and redistribute fat cells. The skin is then stretched back over the treatment area with excess skin cut away. While plastic surgery, such as a surgical neck lift, can create dramatic results, the risk of developing serious adverse events is high, and the recovery time is extended. Sculptra injections can also tighten the skin, restore lost volume, enhance the jawline, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the neck and chin, all without the risk of severe side effects and the need for any recovery time.

How does Sculptra work on the neck to induce collagen production?

Sculptra differs from other common dermal fillers in its composition. Unlike Juvederm and Restylane, which are hyaluronic acid fillers, Sculptra is made of poly-L-lactic acid, also known as PLLA. PLLA is unique because it is a collagen stimulator, meaning it triggers collagen production in the body. When the liquid Sculptra filler is injected into the treatment area, the PLLA solution triggers an inflammatory response, which induces collagen production. Collagen is a protein found in the body that gives structure to the skin. Our body naturally produces less collagen as we age, leading to volume loss in many body areas, including the face and neck. The new collagen production restores the volume lost in the treatment area over time with the Sculptra injectable treatment. Sculptra triggers the body’s collagen production response, meaning the results take time to show their full effect. However, due to this natural collagen production process, the results of Sculptra are very long-lasting, with effects remaining for up to two years.

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Dermal Fillers Versus Sculptra Injections

Sculptra is unique among dermal fillers due to its formulation, which gives it unique properties. Many common dermal fillers, such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Juvederm Voluma, comprise hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps to promote collagen production and hydrates the skin, providing a healthy, youthful appearance. However, Hyaluronic acid fillers can last relatively short before the treatment has to be repeated. Sculptra, conversely, comprises poly-L-lactic acid, which stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen to restore your natural skin structure and volume. Due to its collagen-stimulating properties, Sculptra can last longer than traditional hyaluronic fillers. Since Sculptra can be injected into the deep dermis, it can provide the scaffolding necessary for natural-looking results and longevity.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can be dissolved with hyaluronidase if the results are not to the patient’s liking. Poly-L-lactic acid, however, cannot be dissolved in the same way. For this reason, an experienced board-certified cosmetic dermatologist must perform Sculptra injections since they require particular precision when injected. It is best to seek treatment from a highly skilled, board-certified dermatologist like Dr. Green. If you are looking for instantaneous results, a hyaluronic filler such as Juvederm may be the best option, as the effects of Juvederm injections are visible within several days as opposed to Sculptra, which takes several weeks to take full effect.

When you have your initial consultation with Dr. Green, you will discuss your cosmetic goals and the areas you want addressed. Together, you will determine the dermal filler that will work best for your situation. Dr. Green utilizes many different forms of dermal fillers to suit each patient’s needs best. Therefore, it is not that one family of fillers is inherently “better” than another. Instead, Dr. Green helps you decide which filler is best for long-lasting, natural-looking results.

What are the side effects of Sculptra treatment?

Sculptra injectable treatment is safe and effective with a low risk of experiencing adverse events. The side effects associated with Sculptra injections are mild and expected after any injectable treatment, including bruising, swelling, redness, and irritation at the injection site. These side effects should resolve without medical intervention within one to two weeks of treatment. Patients can reduce the risk of bruising or swelling by icing the treatment area and elevating the site while sleeping. Another potential side effect of treatment is the development of bumps or nodules under the skin. While harmless, these bumps can create an uneven texture on the skin. Dr. Green recommends massaging the treatment area for five minutes a day, five times a day, for five days post-treatment, to spread the filler and reduce the likelihood that nodules will form under the skin.

What is a Sculptra neck lift?

A Sculptra neck lift involves the injection of the Sculptra dermal filler into the neck and jawline to lift the skin, restore lost volume, reduce skin laxity, and erase fine lines and wrinkles. When the poly-L-lactic acid solution is injected into the treatment area, the particles provide structural support to the tissue and boost collagen production, providing patients with smoother, more youthful-looking skin. Sculptra can also be injected into the jawline to contour the lower face and enhance the chin for an overall more sculpted appearance. Unlike a surgical neck lift, a Sculptra neck lift is quick and straightforward, requiring no recovery time after the procedure.

Where is Sculptra injected on the neck?

Sculptra filler is injected into the dermal layer (inner layer) of the skin on the neck, where deep wrinkles and high skin laxity are most apparent. Deep in the dermis, the poly-L-lactic acid acts as a scaffolding for the skin, filling in lost volume to reduce the appearance of loose skin and creases. Sculptra can also be injected along the jawline to help minimize facial asymmetry, contour the jawline, and enhance the chin.

What does Sculptra do to your neck?

Sculptra injections work in many ways when injected into the neck for a liquid neck lift, including:

  • Filling in lost volume due to decreased collagen production
  • Reducing the appearance of horizontal neck creases and deep wrinkles
  • Decreasing skin laxity
  • Boosting collagen production
  • Contouring the jawline
  • Chin enhancement

The first step in achieving a more youthful appearance with Sculptra injections is to schedule an appointment with expert, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michele Green.

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Cosmetic Injectable Treatment Procedure

You will begin your treatment process with an in-person consultation with Dr. Green, where you will thoroughly discuss your specific aesthetic needs and treatment goals. We are no longer offering virtual consultations. After examining the treatment area and reviewing your skincare routine, Dr. Green will determine the treatment or series of treatments that will best meet your unique goals. When preparing for your Sculptra appointment, Dr. Green recommends avoiding anti-inflammatory medication, vitamins, and other blood thinners the week before your treatment to prevent bruising or swelling at the injection sites. Dr. Green also recommends refraining from alcohol intake for one day before the treatment to reduce the likelihood of bruising.

To minimize potential discomfort, a topical numbing cream may be prescribed to your pharmacy and applied to the entire treatment area one hour before the injections. Most patients experience minimal, if any, pain during the procedure. Dr. Green also dissolves the Sculptra solution with lidocaine before injections to further limit discomfort. Sculptra is injected deep into the dermis with a thin needle to trigger the body’s natural collagen production. The treatment works over time, and the body can produce new collagen for up to six months post-injections. Dr. Green recommends patients come in for 3-4 treatment sessions four to six weeks apart for optimal results.

Sculptra Aftercare

Sculptra Aesthetic is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment to restore volume loss. The procedure has no downtime, meaning patients can return to their regularly scheduled activities immediately after treatment. Immediately after the Sculptra injections, Dr. Green may apply an ice pack to the injection site to minimize the potential of bruising or swelling. If swelling or redness does occur following the injections, Dr. Green recommends avoiding direct sun exposure or tanning beds until the swelling subsides. For all patients, the treatment area should be massaged for five minutes, five times a day, for five consecutive days. This will help to spread the liquid injection and prevent nodules or lumps from forming. After the initial 3 to 4 treatment sessions, the results of the Sculptra injections are long-lasting, and most patients will only need one touch-up and maintenance session each year.

How many vials of Sculptra for the neck?

The number of vials needed for a Sculptra neck lift will vary depending on several factors, including the size and scope of the treatment area, the severity of wrinkles or skin laxity, and the patient’s unique aesthetic goals. Typically, Dr. Green will use one vial of Sculptra per treatment session to address signs of neck aging. During your initial consultation, Dr. Green will examine the treatment area and can provide you with a better estimate of the number of vials needed to meet your needs.

How many sessions of Sculptra do you need for the neck?

The number of necessary treatment sessions depends on each patient’s specific goals and the severity of wrinkles, volume loss, and skin laxity. However, Dr. Green will typically recommend 3-4 treatment sessions spaced six weeks apart for optimal results. After your initial consultation, Dr. Green will create the treatment schedule and plan to provide the best results for a long-lasting solution for signs of aging in the neck.

How long until Sculptra injection results are visible?

Sculptra is a unique dermal filler product that triggers the body’s natural collagen production response to restore volume loss. As a result, the effects of Sculptra are long-lasting but take some time to become visible, and the body works to produce new collagen. Dr. Green recommends scheduling three to four treatment sessions, which should be spaced four to six weeks apart. With the neo-collagenesis properties of Sculptra, collagen production can continue for up to six months following the injections. It may take four to six weeks following each treatment session to see the full effects of Sculptra. However, once the results are visible, they can be seen for up to two years post-injections.

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Are Sculptra Aesthetic results permanent?

The results of Sculptra Aesthetic are unique among the contingent of dermal fillers in that Sculptra triggers the body’s collagen production response, which leads to natural-looking, long-lasting results. Sculptra injections’ volume restoration effects can last up to two years after treatment. After that time, the body entirely breaks down the biodegradable PLLA molecules, and collagen production has slowed. Dr. Green recommends that patients return to her office for continued results once a year for a touch-up. While not permanent, the effects of Sculptra can be seen for a lot longer compared to many other filler treatments. The accessibility of Sculptra is much higher than plastic surgery neck lifts for many patients.

How Much is Sculptra for Neck?

When patients ask, “How much does Sculptra for the neck cost?” it depends on various factors. Your geographic location can play a role in determining the cost of the treatment. In NYC, for example, Sculptra injections performed by a board-certified dermatologist can cost, on average, $1,200 – $1,400 per vial. The total cost also depends on how many vials are necessary to achieve your aesthetic goals. Many patients choose to treat multiple body areas, such as the face and neck, which can increase the price as more vials will be necessary to treat various areas. The size of the treatment area will also determine how many vials are essential for optimal results. However, for areas requiring significantly more vials, such as with a non-surgical butt-lift, discounts or special offers may be available, which will also affect the cost. Dr. Green’s office will be able to provide you with an estimate of the total cost of your treatment during your initial consultation with Dr. Green, where you will determine which treatment areas will be targeted in your treatment plan.

Can Sculptra be used for Facial Rejuvenation?

Yes! In addition to rejuvenating the neck, Sculptra Aesthetic can be used for a non-surgical facelift treatment to restore lost volume, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks, and treat different types of acne scars. Dr. Green utilizes Sculptra to erase the appearance of deep creases, including the nasolabial folds, known more commonly as smile lines, and to treat facial jowls and marionette lines. Sculptra can also be used to address sunken cheekbones, sunken temples, along the jawline, and the chin. Sculptra is not the best filler option for more delicate, superficial areas, such as under the eyes, the forehead, or the lips. Dr. Green typically recommends hyaluronic acid dermal filler products for safe and effective rejuvenation in these other areas of the face. When you consult Dr. Green at her private dermatology office in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan, you can discuss your skin concerns and ideal cosmetic results. As an expert in cosmetic dermatology with over 25 years of experience in dermal fillers, Dr. Green will work with you to determine which products best suit your needs and create your customized facial rejuvenation treatment plan.

Can you do a Sculptra neck lift for wrinkles and volume loss?

Yes! The neck skin and decolletage have a relatively low amount of collagen compared to other face and body areas. As collagen breaks down over time as part of aging, fine lines and wrinkles become more prominent, especially in the neck area. This can cause a hollow appearance due to volume loss, a crepey skin texture, and increased skin laxity. Sculptra injections are a safe and effective treatment option for diminishing the appearance of these signs of aging, with consistently long-lasting and natural-looking results. Dr. Green has been expertly performing Sculptra injections for years to rave reviews from her patients.

Can you do Sculptra for a sagging neck?

As we age, the production of the structural proteins collagen and elastin decreases, increasing skin laxity. High skin laxity creates sagging skin that emphasizes hollows in the face, neck, and decolletage, making fine lines and wrinkles more visible. Sculptra injectable treatment can decrease the appearance of skin laxity in the neck by filling in the treatment area and boosting collagen production, which tightens the skin.

Does Sculptra help with turkey neck?

Turkey neck is the unfortunate name for the appearance of loose skin in the neck, so named due to its assumed likeness to a turkey’s wattle. Loose skin in the neck can be caused by sagging skin that appears due to high skin laxity, sudden weight loss, or a high concentration of fat cells. If the turkey neck is caused by loose skin, Sculptra can help by boosting collagen production and firming the skin. Sometimes, it may be best to use a treatment such as Thermage that can provide more dramatic results. If turkey neck is being caused by a build-up of fat cells in the area, a treatment such as Kybella or CoolSculpting may be more effective.

Sculptra for horizontal necklines

Horizontal necklines are creases that run laterally across the neck. While people of any age can have horizontal necklines, the wrinkles can become deeper and more prominent with age. The increased skin laxity and volume loss associated with the natural aging process make horizontal neck lines more visible. The presence of necklines often causes many patients to feel self-conscious and can negatively impact self-esteem. Luckily, Sculptra injections can help to reduce or even eliminate the appearance of horizontal necklines. When Sculptra is injected into the lines, the boost in collagen production leads to rejuvenated, smooth, youthful-looking skin free of these deeper wrinkles. When you consult with Dr. Green for your neck rejuvenation treatment, she will work with you to determine which non-invasive solutions, including Thermage or Fraxel laser, will provide you with the best cosmetic results.

Can you use Sculptra for neck skin tightening?

Sculptra injections are very effective for restoring lost volume in the neck, which can help decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin. However, Sculptra treatment is not specifically designed to address very high skin laxity. If you have particularly loose or crepey skin on the neck, Dr. Green may recommend pairing Sculptra filler with a skin-tightening treatment, such as Thermage. Thermage is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to heat the dermal layers of skin, which produces new collagen. Collagen is a protein in the skin that provides a solid underlying structure. By inducing new collagen production in the skin, Thermage essentially results in a skin-tightening effect on the neck for a firm, youthful look.

Combining Anti-Aging treatments with Sculptra aesthetic for neck rejuvenation

Sculptra injections are often the ideal solution for patients looking to restore lost volume in the neck and décolletage area. Sculptra can easily be combined with other non-invasive treatment options to target multiple signs of aging and achieve total neck rejuvenation. Depending on a patient’s skin concerns, Dr. Green may recommend pairing Sculptra with other treatments to address skin laxity, stubborn deposits of excess fat cells, or poor skin texture. In such cases, Sculptra treatment is often combined with Thermage, CoolSculpting, Botox, or Microneedling.

Thermage – Thermage radiofrequency laser is Dr. Green’s office’s most popular skin tightening treatment. This FDA-approved skin tightening laser treatment uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to gently heat the inner layer of skin in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. This tissue heating leads to a controlled injury, which boosts the body’s natural collagen and elastin production. The increase in collagen and elastin, two proteins that give the skin structure, leads to an immediate skin tightening. The long-lasting results can remain visible for up to two years after a single treatment session. For cases in which skin laxity is exceptionally high, Thermage can be paired with Sculptra for skin tightening and volume loss restoration. Thermage can be used on the face, neck, jowls, knees, buttocks, hands, arms and stomach.

CoolSculpting – In some situations, there may be a high concentration of fat cells on the neck, leading to the appearance of a double chin or heavy jowls. CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing treatment that can “debulk” the area of fat for a slim, contoured look for the neck and décolletage. CoolSculpting is not a weight loss treatment and is best used for removing pockets of stubborn excess fat for patients at or near their target weight.

Botox – Tension in the neck muscles can also make fine lines and wrinkles appear more prominent and pull at the jawline, leading to a hollow look. Botox, the brand name for the neurotoxin onabotulinumtoxin type A, can be injected into the neck to “freeze” and relax the muscle. In doing so, Botox causes the muscle to stop contracting, which will smooth out the wrinkles in the neck and improve the jawline. If the wrinkles and lines on the neck are due to tension in the neck muscle, Dr. Green may recommend Botox to start for a non-surgical neck lift, also called the “Nefertiti Lift.”

Microneedling – Microneedling is another treatment that can be performed at Dr. Green’s office to stimulate collagen production and improve the skin’s texture. For patients struggling with increased pore size, acne scars, or rough textured skin, microneedling is a good pairing with Sculptra. Microneedling with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) creates small micro-injuries on the skin’s surface with a handheld device equipped with surgical-grade needles. The controlled injuries to the epidermis stimulate collagen production, which in turn helps to improve skin texture. For example, Dr. Green may start by injecting Sculptra into the scar and then employing the microneedling device for smoother skin when working with acne scars.

Fraxel laser – Fraxel laser effectively removes sun damage, sun spots, photo-aging, fine lines, and wrinkles from the face, neck, and décolletage. Fraxel creates columns of thermal energy, which remodel the collagen in the skin. Fraxel works at removing deeper wrinkles as well as acne scars as well. The rejuvenating effects of Fraxel can also be used on the arms, hands, and legs. Combining Sculptra injections for the neck with Fraxel laser will cause increased skin turnover and new collagen production. The result will be smoother, younger-looking skin.

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How long does Sculptra last?

Sculptra is an injectable dermal filler that provides long-lasting and natural-looking results. Patients typically require four treatment sessions with Sculptra injections to obtain their ideal final results. After completing the series, the cosmetic effects of Sculptra can last more than two years. Many patients choose to engage in maintenance treatment sessions on an annual basis to keep up the best cosmetic results. Patients enjoy the non-surgical rejuvenation benefits of Sculptra injections, including minimal discomfort and downtime.

Does Sculptra work on the neck?    

Yes! Not only is Sculptra an excellent treatment option for addressing volume loss in the midface, but it is also beneficial for correcting the appearance of various signs of aging on the neck and décolletage. To guarantee that your treatment is safe and effective and provides ideal cosmetic results, it is always essential to have your injections with a board-certified dermatologist, such as Dr. Michele Green, in New York City. Dr. Green is an expert injector with over 25 years of experience providing some of the most discerning patients from around the globe with non-invasive cosmetic solutions for pan-facial rejuvenation. You’ll achieve long-lasting, natural-looking results when you consult Dr. Green for your Sculptra injections for neck rejuvenation.

How long will my neck be swollen after Sculptra?      

Mild swelling and bruising at or near the injection sites are Sculptra treatment’s most common side effects. These side effects typically resolve within 48 to 72 hours of treatment. Tylenol is recommended for any discomfort following the procedure. Arnika Forte is an herbal remedy that expedites the healing time of bruising and swelling, available as an oral supplement or a topical gel. Patients may also take the oral Arnika several days before their dermal filler injections to help prevent bruising.

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How to sleep after Sculptra

Typically, patients may sleep in whatever position is most comfortable following Sculptra treatment. If you are experiencing tenderness at the injection sites after having treatment with Sculptra, sleeping on your back in an elevated position is recommended to keep pressure off the treatment area. Sleeping in another place, however, will not affect the cosmetic results of Sculptra injections. When you consult with Dr. Green regarding your Sculptra treatment, she will provide the pertinent aftercare information necessary for achieving optimal results.

How effective is Sculptra on the neck?

Sculptra is a highly effective treatment that treats various skin concerns, including sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, lower face asymmetry, and volume loss. Among dermal filler treatments, Sculptra is one of the longest-lasting filler treatments available, with results seen up to two years post-treatment. Of the over 1.4 million dermal filler treatments performed yearly, approximately 130,000 are Sculptra treatments.

How do I get started with Sculptra injections for neck rejuvenation today?

The neck skin is fragile and delicate, making it susceptible to developing signs of aging more quickly than the face or body. Fine lines, sun damage, and loose skin can form on the neck long before appearing elsewhere, causing one to look and feel much older than they are. If you are frustrated by the appearance of an aging neck but are not yet ready for a neck lift, Dr. Michele Green in New York City can help. Dr. Green is a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist with over two and a half decades of experience providing the best non-invasive cosmetic treatment options, including injectable dermal fillers, Botox, laser treatments, microneedling, Thermage, and chemical peels.

Dr. Michele Green is consistently voted as one of the best dermatologists in New York by New York Magazine, Castle Connolly, and Super Doctors for her dedication to her patients and practice, her holistic approach, and her ‘less is more’ philosophy when it comes to rejuvenation treatments. Dr. Green works with her patients individually to create a customized treatment plan that addresses their skin concerns and achieves their unique cosmetic goals. At the forefront of anti-aging and skin rejuvenation, Dr. Green will help combine the best treatments for your non-surgical neck treatment. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Green at her private dermatology office in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan, please contact us online today or call our NYC office at 212-535-3088.

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