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Climate Change has caused havoc on many other elements in the world but did you know it can be a factor on one’s skin. “The increased amount of greenhouse gas emissions has led to the thinning of the ozone layer, which functions to protect our skin from UV radiation,” Dr. Green says in the piece. “As a result, there is more UV radiation that is being absorbed by our skin and causing damage to the DNA within our skin cells.” Over time, this DNA damage accumulates and can cause cells to grow and change abnormally, which ultimately can lead to cancer.

She also noted acne, aging skin and eczema is more common due to climate change “pollution compiled with increasing temperatures play a significant role in triggering flare-ups,” she says. “Exhaust from cars and smoke from tobacco has negative pathophysiologic effects on the skin by disrupting our skin barrier function and the activation of immune responses.”

summer sun - image source pexels

But there are ways to combat this such as staying hydrated and wearing sunscreen.  And of course reducing your own carbon footprint.

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