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Dr. Green & Sunday Edit Talk About Scalp-Care Routines & Cutting Hair

sunday edit mgmd

With many of us working from home, this can cause skin and scalp flare ups, despite there being no-coworkers to notice.  And after a few months of this, you might even want a hair cut or a trim finally too!

Sunday Edit discussed this with several doctors including Dr. Michele Green who notes that one way to protect yourself from a host of scalp conditions is to incorporate acids into your scalp care routine,  “using similar products used in the face [like acids] can benefit the scalp in the same way it benefits your skin.”

The site also quoted Dr. Green in what is a hot topic nowadays, cutting ones own hair at home. With limited or no salon access due to Coronavirus closings, the site talks about how to trim one’s own hair at home, and to take care of your scalp. “The scalp is the means by which the hair follicles get nourishment to maintain healthy looking hair, promote hair growth and prevent hair loss” says Michele Green, M.D. in this article about trimming your hair at home.

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