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Dr. Green was featured twice today answering various COVID-19 questions in both Healthday and

In Healthday’s “Moderna Vaccine Can Trigger Red, Itchy ‘COVID Arm,’ But It’s Temporary” – she was asked about this topic and noted that she too has “seen several cases of these delayed hypersensitivity reactions after the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.” However she also notes that they’ve not been associated with any more serious side effects and “have found them responsive to topical steroids and resolve in a short amount of time.”

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Over in Healthline, she was asked about how Beau’s lines occur when there is an interruption in regular nail growth. Many factors can contribute to this, but emphasized that Beau’s lines aren’t unique to COVID-19 and that any kind of systemic illness such as diabetes can cause a disruption in normal nail growth and result in the appearance of Beau’s lines. “Their appearance is not always indicative of a larger health concern,” she added.

This article, can be viewed at “Are ‘COVID Nails’ a Real Symptom? Here’s the Long and Short of It” while the Healthday mention is at –

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