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Dr. Michele Green was featured twice in Well + Good, firstly in the article titled ‘I’m a Dermatologist, and These Are the Most Common Questions People Ask Me About Rosacea,’ where she talks about what it is, the differences between it and acne, for example “a common misconception with rosacea is that rosacea is a form of severe acne [vulgaris],” Dr. Green reiterates. “It is important to note that acne [vulgaris] and rosacea are completely different skin conditions that require different treatments. Rosacea is typically a lifelong condition that occurs during middle age. Acne [vulgaris] is typically a temporary skin condition that begins during puberty.”

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She also talks about the various types of Rosacea and how each are different, what might trigger flare ups and potential solutions such as the V-Beam pulsed dye laser, which “absorbs and treats anything red.”

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