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Greatist has an article that talks about the top ways to get thicker hair, and while there is no magic formula, it does help if you aim to stimulate and support natural hair growth.

“Making sure your hair follicles are healthy (and growing) is a great way to improve your hair’s thickness,” says Dr. Michele Green, M.D.

The article talks about various natural remedies, but of course what works for one person might not work for you. Some are simply best practice such as keeping your hair healthy and hydrated. Dr. Green recommends indulging a little bit. Massage your scalp and consider mixing up your own DIY hair mask using bananas and grapeseed oil is one example she mentions in the interview.

“The grapeseed oil contains fatty acids that make the hair thicker—also bananas are rich in B vitamins and potassium, which protects the hair shaft and prevents split ends,” Green says. “This combination stimulates the blood flow in the scalp and protects the hair shaft, resulting in longer, thicker, healthier hair.”

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