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Spring Ahead to a Slimmer You – Fashion Mannuscript

Dr. Michele Green was interviewed in Fashion Mannuscript by Daryn Mayer from and discusses how CoolSculpting can help remove belly fat and how the procedure works overall.

“Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure that utilizes a controlled cooling technology that is cleared by the FDA to eliminate fat cells. You can lose up to 25 percent of body fat on your stomach and waistline without any surgery, discomfort, or downtime. I also use it to get rid of those stubborn bulges on the flanks, upper arms, inner/outer thighs and lower buttocks, all with no side effects. The results are proven and long-lasting.”

Find out more about how patients see results after just one treatment and how CoolSculpting works as a great alternative to liposuction and does “wonders for her patients’ bodies and their confidence.”

View the full article here.

And find out more about CoolSculpting at

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