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RealSelf Feature Dr. Green on Treatments in Your 20s

If you’re in your 20s you might be considering some cosmetic treatments such as Botox, but often due to relative youth, not all treatments are suitable or even necessary. That is not to say there are not certain procedures that can be undertaken that might be beneficial to some individuals. The question is, what treatments are suitable to those in their 20s? RealSelf have looked into this very topic to find out.

beauty treatment

RealSelf have looked into the types of treatments that are suitable to those in their 20s and have talked to Dr. Green to get her opinion on the topic.

To learn more about the types of treatments that you can get in your 20s such as Baby Botox and Chemical Peels check out: “5 Procedures Doctors Recommend Getting in Your 20s” at RealSelf:


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