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Parade Explore Controlling Acne With Birth Control and Talk to Dr. Green

When it comes to controlling acne, there are a number of different drugs on the market that can be used as a treatment. Some individuals have found that the birth control contraception that they have used has had a positive impact on their acne issues. Alternatively there are reports that the opposite is true and that birth control has caused acne as a side effect. Ultimately, one of the reasons for this is likely that the hormones that form the basis of birth control pills impact people differently. So, what is the low-down on taking birth control to help with acne? Parade have looked into the subject in detail to find out.

birth control pills

Parade and looked into the subject of taking birth control to help with acne issues and have talked to Dr. Green to learn more about her recommendations.

For those who want to find out about this issue and read what Dr. Michele Green had to say, visit the Parade web site and read, “Struggling With Acne and Thinking About Treating It With Birth Control? Dermatologists Suggest These Types

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