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Often, when it comes to your lips some people overlook them, apart from the occasional application of some lip balm. However, there are plenty of things that you can do to keep your lips looking great, from lip augmentations to applying products and beauty treatments.  What’s the secret to better kiss-ability?  “The secret to smooth kissable lips is a good lip care routine,” Dr. Michele Green, notes in the article on E! News. “Lips are often ignored when it comes to beauty routines. But unlike the rest of the body, the lips do not have oil glands, therefore cannot produce its own moisture.”

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E! News have talked to Dr. Green to find out about all the latest products and treatments that are available to keep your lips looking great – even in the cold winter months. Read the full article on the E! News Website, in the article, “Here’s Your Guide to Smooth Kissable Lips

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