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Huffington Post featured Dr. Green today in the article “Is 24-Hour-Wear Makeup Legit? And Is It Good For Your Skin?”

huffington post

The article talks about how smartphones and social media have turned the concept of work-life balance into something more like a work-life continuum over the past decade, thus the demand for 24 hour make up. However is the new trend of 24 hour make up products legit?

It can be, but will require some user participation. For example, “if your skin is prepped properly, wearing makeup for 24 [hours] won’t do any harm,” wrote Dr. Michele Green. However, this does not mean you should be doing this, but if you had to, she recommends exfoliating and moisturizing prior to applying these products, curtailing the amount of dead skin that could become enmeshed in the sebum pooling beneath the foundation.

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