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HealthCentral Discusses Scalp Tenderness With Dr. Green

HealthCentral investigates the different factors which can cause the scalp to feel sore to the touch in their new article “What Causes Scalp Tenderness?”. Your scalp may feel tender, itchy or inflamed and this can be caused by either skin or neurological conditions.

scalp and hair care

Dr. Green weighs in on dermatitis stating “it can present as an itchy rash, swollen skin, dry skin, dandruff, and sometimes blisters, crusts, or flakes. It’s often an allergic reaction to certain cosmetics, detergents, soaps, hair products, or to certain metals, pollution, or even poison ivy”. Neurological conditions such as migraines which lasts for an hour or more can also cause scalp tenderness as “the nerves become hypersensitive, and normal signals like lightly touching your scalp can be very painful”, Dr. Green says.

Read the full article here:

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