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Haute Beauty Explore Kybella Procedures You Might Not Know About

If you’ve heard of Kybella then you might know that it is commonly used to help reduce the appearance of a double chin or to improve the look of the neck area.

However, there are other ways that Kybella can be used around the body to target stubborn areas of fat. For example: Kybella can also used on the legs, such as the thigh and knee area, and also on the stomach.

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Haute Beauty have talked to Dr. Green to learn more about Kybella and to get the low down on how this treatment can be used on different areas of the body.

Check out Haute Beauty to learn more about Kybella in generally and read about some of the ways it can be used. Read the article: “Here Are Three Off-Label Kybella Procedures You Should Know About

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