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Exercising With Eczema – Tips & Things To Know Beforehand with Aaptiv

Aaptiv, a workout based mobile app looks at “6 Things You Should Know If You’re Exercising With Eczema” with a range of tips that will help ease your symptoms and make exercising with eczema much more enjoyable.

And while there is no cure for Eczema, the article asked dermatologists such as Dr. Michele Green for their top solutions for relieving symptoms, especially with dry winter months up ahead. These include staying hydrated, as “Dehydration can not only have a damaging effect on your body but also on your skin since it is your body’s largest organ,” says Dr. Green. “During workouts, perspiration is bound to happen since it’s the body’s way of keeping us cool. [This] means loss of fluid and dry skin—two ingredients that cause eczema symptoms to flare.” So while staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water is vital for work outs overall, it is even more pressing in the colder drier months.

Read the full article here, where she also talks about wearing the right fabrics, preventing chafing and avoiding hot showers after the work out, since “showering with the heat causes your skin to become red, irritated, and more dehydrated since essential oils and moisture from your skin are removed.”

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