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Dr. Green Talks About DIY Skincare at Home Solutions such as the Dermaroller

DIY Skincare at home solutions are becoming very popular these days, and as noted in the article “From Jade Rollers to Dermarollers: Your Guide to At-Home Skincare Devices,” beauty has indeed gone tech.

Dr. Green talks to Stay Lively about the Dermaroller, a device which features tiny needles that actually prick the skin, forcing it to regenerate and produce new collagen and tissue growth. “Users should be careful, as these devices can cause serious tears to the skin and really bad infections if they are not used carefully,” explains Michele S. Green, M.D.

She also talks about at-home blackhead and whitehead removers and how they can potentially be causing more harm than good. “Users tend to be more aggressive with at-home use and often do not follow instructions, which can cause more harm to the skin,” says Dr. Green, as well as Facial Toning and Microdermabrasion Devices and how “If used incorrectly, microdermabrasion can cause tears and abrasions to the skin. The crystals can get into the eyes and cause cornea abrasion.”

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