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Featured in Zwivel in interview about Fat Freezing at Home

Do at-home methods of CoolSculpting work? Dr. Michele Green was interviewed for cosmetic surgery blog Zwivel. She is adamantly opposed to at-home fat freezing, stating “These at-home freezing machines don’t work at all.”

“CoolSculpting wouldn’t be making a fortune if you could freeze your fat at home with a couple of ice cubes and an ice pack!” plus beyond that, there is a risk to injury when you try this at home, as the application of ice-packs can cause frostbite, skin blisters and serious burns when used directly on the skin.

While on the other hand, CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared and equipped with certain safety features, which other fat freezing machines do not have. It is also done under medical supervision, safely targeting very specific areas of the body at optimal temperatures.

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