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With a lot more people focusing on clean air and air purification these days, Vogue has looked at a range of air filtering systems to see what might be the best deal for you.  Dr. Green provides her feedback and notes that “Air purifiers have become increasingly popular ever since the start of the pandemic for their ability to sanitize the air and reduce pollutants, allergens, toxins, bacteria, and other contaminants, including viruses like COVID-19,”

Some of the potential benefits from using an air purification system include improvements in your skin tone and health. However, if you have skin problems you should also explore the cosmetic treatments available that are dedicated to helping your individual condition.

woman wearing a face mask

Vogue has talked to Dr. Green about the benefits of using an air purifier and whether they can aid your health. Dr. Green discusses the advantages and limitations of air purification and goes into detail into a range of things you can do in your home, alongside air purification to benefit your health.

If you’re interested in air purification or want to see Dr. Green’s tips on improving their air at home or in your office, then visit Vogue to read: “Breathe Easy With These Air Purifiers

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