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Tips On Effective Hair Removal from Dr. Green on BuzzFeed

As BuzzFeed notes – tackling anything along the lines of ingrown hairs, irritation, bumps, or razor burn is no easy feat.  So in the article titled “We Asked Dermatologists And Estheticians For Their Best Tips On Effective Hair Removal (Whether You Shave, Wax, Or Use Creams)” today, they asked some of the top dermatologists, including Dr. Green about this.  They asked about hair removal creams and hot water usage, for example “hair removal creams can cause bumps but to a lesser degree than waxing or shaving,” Dr. Michele Green told BuzzFeed.

woman in shower

“After hair removal, you should avoid hot showers or baths for the first 24 hours since it can aggravate any irritation and redness,” Dr. Green said. “Hot water and steam will also open up your pores, which increases the risk of ingrown hairs.”  Find out more – along with recommended products at

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