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Thanks to Jake Cappuccino and the team for featuring Dr. Michele Green in “What Are the Best Anti-Aging Serums for Men? We Asked a Dermatologist for Help” and “The Best Face Wipes for Freshening Up on the Go” this week.

She talks about natural skin aging such as how “collagen and elastin, the fibers in our skin responsible for creating a firm, youthful skin, naturally decrease as we age. Along with a decrease in collagen and elastin production, the repeated muscle movement on the forehead, eyes and glabella contributes to deep wrinkles and fine lines that often form in those areas,” Green said in the anti-aging article, while when it comes to face wipes on the go – “Facial wipes should not be the go-to option when it comes to hydrating the skin or reducing blemishes. Facial wipes do not clean the skin but rather, help remove any dirt, pollutants and makeup that are lying at the surface of your skin.”

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So no, they are not a substitute for the traditional face wash, but you can read her recommendations overall about Face Wipes here and her thoughts about anti-aging serums, UV exposure and more in the Anti Aging article which may be titled about men, but can apply to women too.  Last but not least, they also talk about Cleansing Oils, for instance many cleansing oils are plant-based, with lots of antioxidants to fight free radicals and signs of aging, Green said in “The best Cleansing Oils and Oil Based Cleansers“.

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