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Skin Care Routines For The Winter Months – Business Insider

Business Insider featured Dr. Michele Green in an article that looks at “8 ways you should change your skin-care routine in the winter” – as taking care of one’s skin is a year round affair, but your skin’s needs are different in the colder and drier winter months.

For example, SPF is still needed in the sun, and those with psoriasis and eczema “will need to moisturize frequently using a thick moisturizer,” noted Dr. Michele Green. “You should also avoid hot showers and use a humidifier. If you suffer from acne during the winter your skin will produce less oil and can become dehydrated causing more redness and breakout.”

Dr. Green also talks about the type of cleanser one can use in order to boost your skin’s moisture and hydration. “You should switch to a creamy cleanser which contains humectants and will leave your skin feeling hydrated.”

While it may be very tempting when its cold outside, do not wash your face with hot water also, as this can make dry skin drier in the cold months.

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