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Learn About Deodorant Acid With Dr. Green at Allure

When it comes to body odor and sweating, we all tend to look for products such as deodorants, that can help with the problem. However, in some cases these deodorants are not that effective, and we then have to look at other treatments, such as Botox in the armpit which can also help reduce excessive sweating.

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The good news is that there are new deodorant products on the market, that include acid within their ingredient list. This is another method to help with bad body odor, since the acids help to reduce the bacteria, which causes the smell.

Allure have talked to Dr. Green to learn more about deodorants with acid in them, to learn how they can help with body odor.

Check out the article “What’s the Deal With Acids in Deodorant?” on the Allure site.

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