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InStyle Talk to Dr. Green About Covid-19 and Hair Loss

The longer that the coronavirus pandemic continues, the more medical professionals learn about the symptoms and side effects caused by the disease. What is becoming clear is that there are a whole range of strange side effects associated with Covid-19 that are distinctly different from the normal flu. One of these side-effects is extreme hair loss.

instyle magazine

InStyle magazine talk to Dr. Green about her experience with patients who have had symptoms of hair loss as a side effect to Coronavirus. Dr. Green notes that a lot of patients have experienced a reduction in hair density and shedding. This is potentially caused by the stress and trauma that the body has gone through when fighting the Coronavirus disease.

hair loss and covid 19

Image source: Pexels

Take a look at the full article, titled, “Extreme Hair Loss Is the Latest COVID Side-Effect You Need to Know About

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