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How Do Prebiotics in Your Diet Help Both Your Stomach & Skin

Dr. Michele Green was featured in a Brit & Co article about prebiotics. That’s right not probiotics (common in foods like yogurt), but prebiotics, which help with stomach function, as they are often fiber based and in foods such as apples, kiwi, chickpeas, lentils, artichokes, carrots, and quinoa.

The article talks to various doctors and experts about the different benefits of prebiotics. Dr. Green talks about the way it can help keep your skin clear too. “Products like masks, cleansers, and moisturizers containing prebiotics are great for the skin as they help maintain the Ph balance of the skin, which minimizes inflammation and also enhances the complexion. They also promote healthy skin bacteria which can control acne,” says Dr. Green.

Find out more about the prebiotic and probiotic difference, plus how they compliment each other at –

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