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When it comes to looking after your skin and your hair in the summer there are a few things that you need to consider that you may not normally have to think about in the other months in the year.

This can range from ensuring your hair remains in good condition after dips in the ocean when on vacation, to wearing sunscreen and block when out in the sun. For those who want to learn more, Buzzfeed have written an article that features Dr. Green exploring all the best and latest skin and hair care tips for the summer.

sitting in the sun

Buzzfeed have talked to Dr. Green about the benefits of using Vitamin C in your skin care routine. One of the benefits is that it helps inhibit melanin production in the skin which can keep your skin looking its best for longer.

To learn more about how to keep your hair in great condition, read the article, “How To Care For Your Hair After The Pool Vs. Ocean, The Skincare Swap To Make If You Sleep With AC, And 14 Other Summer Beauty Problems, Solved

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