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Chemical Exfoliants vs. Physical Exfoliants in Skincare Routines: Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed took a look at how Chemical Exfoliants compare with Physical Exfoliants in an article today called “Two Months Ago, I Switched One Thing In My Skincare Routine — And My Skin Has Never Looked Glowier” where Dr. Michele Green talks about the purpose of exfoliating – which is to eliminate dead skin cells on the surface of the skin as well as clearing out those congested pores. “Exfoliation also allows serums, treatments, and moisturizers applied afterward to penetrate deeper into the skin and deliver best benefits,” she notes in the post.

“A physical exfoliant is the process of manually dislodging dirt in the pores and stripping away surface cells with grainy particles such as sugar or bristles of a brush,” said Green. While “chemical exfoliants come in liquid form and gently break down bonds between skin cells and congested pores and they work on a more cellular level.”

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Find out as Fabiana Buontempo compares the two on Buzzfeed at

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