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NYTimes Style Magazine Look At Scalp Care & Hair Loss Products

The New York Times Style Magazine look at reasons for hair loss and scalp care products in their article “Your Scalp Would Like Some Attention Please”. Scalp care, whether using oils or other remedies to promote hair growth has been around for millenniums. Now, new products with refined ingredients are coming onto the market to help give care and attention to the scalp, a part of our body that is often overlooked.

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Hair loss is becoming more and more of an issue due to ongoing stress because of the pandemic or due to a Covid infection itself. Dr Green states “because the pandemic hasn’t ended, it’s a never-ending stress that’s affecting people.”

Using serums and other scalp treatments as part of a self-care routine can, at least, help alleviate stress. The original article is accessible here:

You can read more on hair loss, its causes and treatments with Dr Green.

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