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Botox Party, Safety Risks & Potential Issues

What is a Botox Party?

Botox (botulinum toxin) is a treatment that over the years has become more popular and mainstream. The reason for this popularity is due to the fact Botox injections are fast acting and very effective in terms of helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Another reason is that Botox is cost effective and side effects are normally minimal. It has become a popular option in cosmetic dermatology places, but also medical spas, plastic surgery offices and even some non-medical places, which has magnified the risk.

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With this popularity among both first time and seasoned users, as well as a perceived ease of having a treatment carried out, Botox® cosmetic procedures have become much more readily available. This has led to a new trend known as Botox Parties, where Botox injections are available in a person’s home, administered to a number of people at the same time, combining cosmetic treatments with a social gathering. Because Botox is generally fast, safe and effective it is understandable that individuals may be tempted to think that having this type of temporary aesthetic treatment is no big deal. However, this is not necessarily the case, and there is a lot of permanent risk.

What are the risks of Botox Parties and are they legal?

There is a number of good reasons why if you are invited, or are tempted to have a Botox party, you should hold back. Firstly, the home is not the right place or location to have this type of medical treatment carried out because it is not a clinical environment. In a medical office there is a focus on ensuring that the risk of infection is minimized, and also if there are problems or side effects with the treatment, which can happen, you are in the right place to rectify the issue quickly and safely.  It is also becomes a potential legal issue, with more and more states noting that injections must be performed at a medical facility or a medical aesthetic practice or medical spa.

Other issues with having a Botox Party is that it is not always clear as to where the source of the Botox itself comes from. When you have Botox carried out at a medical practice you can be more confident that the supply chain is correct (and if you are not sure of where the Botox is supplied from, you should always ask). Unfortunately, there are instances of practitioners performing fake Botox (such as using other dermal fillers like Xeomin). At a professional practice with highly qualified dermatologists and doctors then this issue is very unlikely to occur.

When it comes to administering Botox you want a trained professional to identify the precise treatment area and where the injection needs to take place. Medical professionals are both trained and experienced in carrying out Botox injections safely. If you’re having Botox at home, can you be sure of the qualifications and experience of the person carrying out the injections? You may be tempted with special offers, or even free Botox samples but primarily you should ensure that the person carrying out the treatment is a trained professional that knows your skincare history, from previous conditions to daily skincare products.

Why You Should Visit a Professional Dermatologist for All Your Skincare Needs

Botox to glabella and forehead. 2 weeks post injection

Photo: Botox to glabella and forehead. 2 weeks post injection

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Due to the popularity of the treatment, Botox treatments are often requested by patients, but are not always suitable for what the individual is looking to achieve. In a professional practice the practitioner will advise you as to the best treatment to undertake in your own specific case. At a Botox party, there may be a temptation to have the treatment regardless.

Another reason Botox is better undertaken at a professional practice is that it is a treatment that is often combined with other treatments at the same time. Dermal fillers like Juvederm Voluma or Volbella, fat freezing treatments such as CoolSculpting and other medical procedures can be carried out alongside Botox to provide even more dramatic results.

Our advice is when it comes to your healthcare, ditch the party date from your calendar, ignore the special pricing and instead consider booking your Botox session with a trained professional. This way you can ensure you achieve the very best results that you deserve.

If you are interested in what Botox can do for you, then speak to Dr. Michele Green, a board-certified dermatologist, who can discuss your requirements with you. Contact us online today or call 212-535-3088 to learn more about whether Botox may be right for you.

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