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It’s that time of year again! Time to ring in the New Year and focus on what to change for 2017, as well as reflect back on 2016. Every year, some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions include staying fit, losing weight and saving money. We can help you get on the right track for all three of those resolutions thanks to our special offer.

Free CoolSculpting consultation if you book a CoolSculpting treatment procedure. Offer valid for new patients only and cannot be combined with any other offers. Whether for your abdominal area, love handles, flanks, inner or outer thighs, or even back fat, CoolSculpting can help freeze the past away. We also have the newest CoolSculpting applicators (CoolAdvantage), which means it only takes 35 minutes to freeze the fat in a given area.

Known as “Cryolipolysis”, this method of “fat freezing” can help remove stubborn fat in areas of the body. The technology helps deliver a targeted cooling approach to the fat cells, doing so without any needles or incisions. No surgery, no downtime and no pain, hence no anaesthesia is needed. This means you can get back to your daily routine right away, and this has also helped make CoolSculpting such a popular option in recent years, as it is much easier than old fashioned methods such as liposuction.

It has also become very popular with celebrities who want to claim they have never gone under the knife, and can vouch for it as truth since no incision is needed. There is even an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” where Kendall and Kris are at a CoolSculpting appointment, while in the press, various doctors in the Hollywood & NYC area often talk about various A-listers using CoolSculpting as their main way to trim off remaining body fat.

Am I a candidate for CoolSculpting?

Dr. Green can help you find out if you are. Simply answer our CoolSculpting questionnaire and we will get in touch to see if you are a candidate for CoolSculpting, set an appointment with us and we can discuss all options with you. The ideal candidate is near their healthy body weight (so not everyone is eligible), but seeking to remove excess fat that will not go away, regardless of diet or exercise. CoolSculpting is not a magic one-stop solution and does require you maintain good health overall. It can however help you get past that last hurdle though and gain new found confidence in 2017.

When will I see results?

Some patients will be able to see results within a few weeks, while for others it is gradual over the next few months. However, every patient has different results, and so it is worth discussing this with Dr. Green initially to see what the potential may be.

Start 2017 off right!

Men and Women can start 2017 the right way and get help making one, two or even three of the most common New Year resolutions come true this year. Find out more and contact Dr. Green via this form below, or call 212 535 3088 for a FREE CoolSculpting Consultation if you book a CoolSculpting procedure (new patients only, cannot be combined with other offers & must be eligible for CoolSculpting based on questions answered).

*Disclaimer: Results may vary with each patient.

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