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As we age, our skin starts to change in ways that are natural but frustrating. Our skin increases in laxity, and we develop age spots, fine lines, and deep wrinkles. While this is all a very natural part of aging, that does not mean that we have to like it! Thanks to incredible advances in cosmetic dermatology, there are new methods which will reverse and prevent these visible signs of aging. Dr. Michele Green was one of the first dermatologists to utilize Thermage CPT (Comfort Pulsed Technology) in her private NYC dermatology office. Thermage CPT is a non-surgical procedure that uses radiofrequency technology to heat the deep layers of the skin for skin tightening and rejuvenation. Thermage radiofrequency laser requires one single treatment, ninety minute session, to effect long-lasting effects. The results one single treatment are a natural, revitalized look to your skin – all without the need for any surgery or injections. Through only one session of Thermage CPT, new collagen and elastin will be stimulated and loose skin in virtually any area of the body can be tightened, without the need for plastic surgery.

Not only are the results of the treatment stunning, but Thermage® CPT utilizes comfort pulse technology in the handheld devices. This comfort pulsed technology translates to maximum comfort during your treatment. With updated, wider tips and innovative cooling technology, the most recent generations Thermage devices, Thermage FLX, can treat your skin faster and with no discomfort. There is zero downtime following the procedure, meaning you can go back to your regularly scheduled activities immediately after. Thermage technology can be used to treat almost any area of the body including the face, eyes, buttocks, abdomen, hands, knees, arms, and legs, creating a “lift” in the skin without requiring any surgery. Plus, Thermage can be combined with other treatments, such as laser resurfacing, Fraxel® laser, dermal fillers such as Restylane®, Sculptra® and Juvederm®, microneedling, Botox®, QWO®, and CoolSculpting® for maximum rejuvenation of the skin.

If you are looking for smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin, Thermage radiofrequency treatment might be right for you. Board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Michele Green, has been expertly treating patients with Thermage CPT, in her New York City Upper East Side office, for over ten years. Dr. Green is an expert in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, such as Vivace, Fraxel, chemical peels, Botox injections, fillers, cellulite treatments, VBeam laser for redness, and more. Dr. Green is consistently voted as one of the best dermatologists in New York City and is one of the first dermatologists to use the Thermage FLX in her boutique private practice. With over 25 years of experience in cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Michele Green is here to help.

What is Thermage CPT?

Thermage CPT is the third generation of Thermage handheld technology to expertly treat loose skin, fine lines, and wrinkles with radiofrequency energy. As we age, collagen production decreases, which leads to sagging skin (also known as increased skin laxity) and wrinkles across the body. For patients with moderate to severe skin laxity (loose skin), Thermage CPT is the ideal treatment for providing you with a non-surgical “lift” to rejuvenate the skin and stimulate the production of new collagen. Thermage was originally FDA approved in 2002 for skin tightening. Thermage CPT is perfect for patients who are looking for a subtle, natural looking treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin, as opposed to the more dramatic results achieved by plastic surgery or face lifts. Because Thermage CPT stimulates your body’s natural healing process, which leads to new collagen growth, the results of Thermage CPT are stunning but feel and look very natural. Thermage CPT is safe and effective for all skin types from very light to very dark skin. If you are looking for a non-surgical facelift, consult with Dr. Green to determine if Thermage CPT is the ideal treatment option for you.

What is Thermage CPT used for?

As a result of the natural aging process, our skin starts to sag, creating a drooping, tired look throughout the body. Wrinkles and fine lines appear across the skin, which can be exacerbated if you have suffered from any sun damage or have a history of smoking. On the face, loose skin can lead to the dropping of facial fat pads which, in youth, keep our faces looking lifted, leading to the appearance of jowls along the jawline. Sagging skin around the eyes can lead to “hooding,” which is when the loose skin on the upper eyelid becomes visible. All these changes in our bodies can feel distressing but luckily, there are treatments in dermatology that can counteract the effects of aging on the skin. Thermage CPT can be used on all parts of the body but is especially effective in treating the face. With its three cm tip and comfort pulse technology, Thermage CPT is ideal to treat hooding in the eyelids, eliminate crow’s feet around the eyes, rid the face of jowls, and contour the jawline. The result: smooth, firm, beautifully contoured, youthful skin. The procedure works to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the signs of aging in a single treatment session.

How does Thermage CPT work for skin tightening?

Thermage CPT uses radiofrequency technology (RF) to safely increase the temperature of the inner layer of the skin to promote collagen growth. The Thermage handpiece is applied to the skin, where it heats the inner layer of the skin while cooling the surface. The heat that is radiated into the lower layer causes water molecules to separate from existing collagen, which then contracts immediately. Over time, this also stimulates the production of new collagen, which takes place over a period of 2 to 6 months. But how does that help to revitalize the skin? Collagen is a fibrous protein found in the body that gives skin its strength and elasticity and as we age, our body naturally produces less collagen. However, when the inner layer of the skin is heated, it triggers the body’s natural healing response, which includes the production of new collagen. It is this new collagen production that leads to firmer, smoother, and more youthful skin. All of this can be achieved with only a single treatment with Thermage CPT.

LL-thermage-voluma-lyft-LANGLE-MGwatermark.jpg (800×479)

35-44 year old woman, Thermage treatment before and after

How does the Thermage CPT treatment work?

Thermage CPT is a quick, simple, and effective treatment that is best performed in the office of an experience dermatologist such as Dr. Michele Green. You will begin the treatment process by consulting with Dr. Green where the two of you will discuss your unique aesthetic goals and needs. Dr. Green will help you to determine the Thermage treatment plan that is best for you, including any additional treatments such chemical peels, laser treatment, and/or filler.

When you arrive at Dr. Green’s office, she will begin by marking the treatment area in a grid pattern. There is no need to apply a topical numbing cream because the handheld Thermage CPT device contains technology designed for patient comfort. Dr. Green will then apply the Thermage CPT handpiece to the treatment area, releasing radiofrequency energy into your skin. You will feel a short burst of heat followed by a cooling sensation as the radiofrequency technology works on the inner and outer layers of your skin, respectively. With the 3 cm tip on the handheld Thermage device, the treatment is faster and more comfortable than previous generations of Thermage, meaning the treatment process will take about an hour and is free from any discomfort. Once the procedure is finished, you can return to your normal activities right away, making Thermage CPT truly a “lunchtime procedure.”

What is the aftercare following Thermage CPT?

Thermage CPT is a treatment process that requires no downtime following the procedure, which means that there is no recovery time and you can immediately return to your normal activities. Skin care is always of the upmost importance so following this skin rejuvenation treatment, Dr. Green recommends that you wear sunscreen when you are outside to further protect your skin. For most patients, only one treatment session is necessary for lasting, desired results so following that session, you will be set with enviably tighter skin.

SW-thermage-abdomen-4m-before-after-FRONT-MGwatermark.jpg (800×506)

Is Thermage CPT painful?

Thermage CPT is not necessarily painful — it should be hot, but tolerable. Because it utilizes radiofrequency (RF) technology, it heats up the collagen underneath the skin to simulate its production. You will feel the RF energy heating the skin, so you will experience a hot sensation. However, it should be tolerable, meaning it should not be too painful. The setting of the handpiece is adjusted based on your tolerance, so for areas that are typically more sensitive, such as along the jawline, the setting can be lowered to make it more tolerable. Additionally, the coupling fluid that is applied to the skin prior to and during the treatment not only helps conduct the RF energy to the skin, but it also alleviates discomfort as a bonus benefit.

What are the side effects of Thermage CPT treatment?

Thermage®  CPT is a very safe, non-invasive skin tightening treatment and so there is no recovery period and no side effects. The treatment is painless, due to the comfort pulse technology. You may experience some erythema at the treatment area, directly following your procedure, but that should go away on its own within an hour. You can expect no further side effects as a result of Thermage CPT treatment, when you consult an expert, board certified dermatologist, like Dr. Michele Green in New York.

How long until I see results?

Thermage CPT uses radiofrequency technology to heat the inner layer of the skin. This heating of the inner layer of the dermis has two primary results: Firstly, the radiofrequency energy causes the water molecules to separate from the fibrous collagen in the skin, which results in an immediate contraction, tightening the skin. Because this happens as a direct result of the heating, you may see some effects immediately. Secondly, the heating also triggers the body’s natural healing process, which stimulates the production of new collagen. Collagen is responsible for firm, youthful looking skin. It can take time for this collagen to develop, as your body is producing the collagen naturally. As such, it typically takes between 3 and 6 months to see the full effects of the treatment. One session is enough to provide you with long-lasting, smoother, tighter skin.

How long will the effects last from the Thermage procedure?

Thermage CPT works in a single session to counteract the natural aging process and give you the smooth, firm, youthful skin you deserve. The effects of the treatment are long-lasting – you may see results for up to two years. Once the effects begin to wear off, you can schedule another treatment with Dr. Green. When you meet with Dr. Green for an initial consultation, you will be able to develop the treatment plan and schedule that works best for your cosmetic goals. Many patients schedule annual Thermage CPT treatments to maximize the collagen production and facial skin rejuvenation results.

LF thermage 6 months LEFT

Thermage – 6 months before and after

Does Thermage CPT really work?

Yes! The Thermage CPT radiofrequency technology works to heat the inner layer of the skin while simultaneously cooling the outer layer. This heating of the inner skin stimulates the production of new collagen, which works to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin for a firmer, healthier, and younger look.

Where can Thermage CPT be used?

Thermage radiofrequency technology is a cosmetic procedure that can be used to address sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles pretty much anywhere on the body, including the face, eyes, arms, legs, buttocks, and stomach. Thermage CPT is particularly adept at addressing increased skin laxity in the face and around the eyes. Thermage CPT has a slightly smaller tip (3 cm) as compared to the Thermage FLX, which makes it especially good for smaller areas. Thermage CPT can work wonders to address jowls that appear as a result of sagging skin, crow’s feet around the eyes, and “hooding,” all things that can appear as a result of the natural aging process. When you consult with Dr. Green, you can discuss the treatment area or areas that you would like addressed and together you will develop your unique treatment plan for tighter skin.

LG-59-coolsculpting-arms-18-months-1-MGwatermark.jpg (900×287)

What is Thermage for eyes?

Thermage radiofrequency treatment can be performed anywhere on the body, including around the eyes. Thermage CPT is great for use around the eyes because the 3cm tip can be easily maneuvered in that sensitive area. As time passes, the area around our eyes can show prominent signs of aging, such as sagging skin that forms hollows under the eyes, loose skin on the upper and lower eyelids, crow’s feet, and “hooding.” Hooding occurs when sagging skin becomes visible on the eyelids. Our eyes are so vital as means of expression and when skin is loose around the eyes, it can give the impression of being perpetually tired. Thermage CPT can easily address the sagging skin around the eyes with its revolutionary radiofrequency technology. When it comes to wrinkles around the eyes, Thermage CPT causes the skin to tighten, eliminating wrinkles. The same principle can be applied to treating hooding on the upper eyelids. When the skin on the eyelid is tightened, the hooding is reduced.

What is Thermage FLX?

Thermage FLX is the fourth generation of Thermage handheld devices. With a tip that is 33% larger than any previous generations, Thermage FLX can cut back on the amount of time it takes for the procedure. Previously, Thermage treatment took between one hour and an hour and half to perform, with Thermage FLX, treatment can be done in under an hour. This new 4 cm tip can cover 25% more area than the other Thermage devices to come before it. Thermage FLX still uses comfort pulse technology to ensure that there is minimal discomfort to patients. Though it can be used on basically any part of the body, with its larger tip, Thermage FLX is great to treat larger areas of the body such as the arms, legs, buttocks, and stomach.

EB-71-thermage-before-after-5m-left-MGwatermark.jpg (800×433)

What is the difference between Thermage CPT and Thermage FLX?

Thermage FLX and Thermage CPT are different generations of the Thermage radiofrequency devices. Both are gold standards in radiofrequency technology and provide excellent results. They work the same way: heating the inner layer of the skin while cooling the outer later to stimulate the production of new collagen, which creates tighter, smoother skin. They both employ comfort pulse technology to keep patients comfortable during the procedure. This innovation found in both the devices are marked improvements on models that came before.

They differ mainly in the size of the tip that they have. Thermage CPT, the third generation of Thermage technology, has a 3cm tip. This makes Thermage CPT ideal for treating smaller areas of the body such as the face and around the eyes. Thermage FLX, on the other hand, has a 4cm tip and can cover 25% more surface area than any other Thermage device. With a bigger tip, treatment with Thermage FLX can go a bit faster – approximately 45 minutes. Comparatively, treatment with Thermage CPT usually takes about an hour to an hour and a half.

Neither treatment is inherently better than the other – which device is best for you depends on your unique needs and aesthetic goals. At your consultation with Dr. Green, you will discuss your desired treatment areas and Dr. Green will make a recommendation on the device that would most closely align with your treatment goals.

Can Thermage be used in combination with other treatments?

Yes! Thermage is a treatment that is best used to address sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Often, Dr. Green will recommend Thermage be used in combination with other treatments in order to best meet your aesthetic goals and reverse the signs of aging on your body. For example, if you are struggling with the appearance of cellulite on parts of your body, Dr. Green may use QWO injections to reduce the tension in the skin and redistribute fat cells and then Thermage to tighten the skin. Similarly, Dr. Green may pair Thermage with CoolSculpting, which is a procedure in which pockets of fat are reduced. Thermage can be used after the CoolSculpting treatment to rejuvenate and tighten the skin after the fat is eliminated. If you are experiencing sun damage in addition to sagging skin, Dr. Green may recommend a chemical peel or laser treatment such as Fraxal Dual Laser Resurfacing. And if you are experiencing deep lines and wrinkles, filler injections such as Juvederm can be used in conjunction with Thermage to provide more lift and plumping to the face. Whatever your treatment needs, Dr. Green can determine the treatment process that will be right for you.

thermage flx patient

How much does a Thermage treatment cost?

When patients ask, how much does Thermage treatment cost, it depends on several factors that go into determining the cost of the treatment. The cost varies based on the area of the body being treated, how many treatment tips are needed, your geographic location, and the experience of the practitioner providing treatment. The larger the treatment area, the more expensive the treatment will be. If Thermage is combined with other treatments, the cost may be higher. When you schedule your consultation with Dr. Green, she will determine the best treatment plan to maximize results, and fit within your budget.

How much does Thermage FLX cost?

The Thermage FLX cost is variable depending on the size of the treatment area and where you are receiving treatment. When it comes to Thermage FLX treatment, typically the cost is approximately in the range of $3,500. Dr. Green’s office will be able to provide you with a more exact estimate after your consultation.

AL 49 yo female before and after Thermage MGWatermark

How much does Thermage CPT cost?

Similarly to Thermage FLX, the cost of Thermage CPT is variable as well. When patients ask, how much is Thermage CPT, the size of the treatment area and the severity of the skin laxity play a large role in determining price. It is best to consult with Dr. Green’s office about the approximate price of treatment after consulting Dr. Green on your individual needs and goals.

How much does Thermage for eyes cost?

The answer for the question, how much is Thermage for eyes, is also: it depends. The severity of the skin laxity around the eyes in addition to what combination of treatments is being used can all factor into the price of the treatment.

How do I get started with Thermage CPT treatment?

If you are looking to tighten your skin for a smooth, firm, youthful appearance to counter act the visible signs of aging, Thermage CPT may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Thermage CPT radiofrequency laser treatment is considered the gold standard for skin rejuvenation. After a single skin tightening treatment, Thermage CPT can increase your body’s collagen production, and improve the tone and texture of your skin. Since Thermage is safe and effective for all skin types, with no recovery time, Thermage can be done in just one hour and achieve tighter skin. Please call the NYC office of Dr. Michele Green at 212-535-3088 or contact us online today to see if a single treatment of Thermage CPT is the solution to tighten and contour your skin.

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