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Zoe Report Talk About Botox & Influencer Popularity

When it comes to looking effortlessly beautiful a lot of people have turned to in-house professional procedures such as Botox and other injectable fillers to help them look their best. Often these procedures can provide improvements to how one looks in a relatively short space of time, but you do have to invest the time and money into them.

beauty treatment

The Zoe Report have talked to Dr. Green about the rise in popularity of cosmetic treatments such as Botox, to discover how effective they are, and what the cost is for the procedures. Influencer popularity has been a key factor, as Dr. Green notes in the article “Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok have all become platforms where transparency in regards to cosmetic treatments is the new norm.”

Read the article, “What Is The Real Price Of Looking “Effortlessly” Beautiful?

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