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LED Light Masks, Good or Bad for Eyes & Skin?

LED masks can be beneficial as long as you follow the directions, such as wearing protective goggles, keeping your eyes shut, and properly affixing the mask to your face. Dr. Green was asked about LED mask usage in today where she is quoted several times, including noting that “incorrect usage of LED light masks can lead to eye damage due to cumulative light exposure or overload,” so make sure not to use it for too long.

“You should always use an LED light mask as directed and not exceed the recommended duration and frequency of treatment,” Dr. Green says. This is usually around 10 minutes sometimes up to 20 but check instructions accordingly.

Also make sure to be careful about placement, close your eyes, or use protective goggles.  Later in the interview she notes that “to maximize eye protection while using LED light masks, you can purchase blackout eye goggles online to ensure that no light can penetrate through during treatment,” Dr. Green recommends this overall as do others in the article.

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Find out more at Are LED Light Masks Bad for Your Eyes?

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