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Can Haircare Products cause Acne? Daily Mail asks Dr. Green

Daily Mail asks about how haircare products could be causing unwanted acne, asking top dermatologists like Dr. Michele Green who was quoted several times in the article – noting that “many individuals may experience acne breakouts from their haircare products, typically along the forehead, hairline, and back of the neck.’ and that products with ‘fragrance, sulfates, parabens, and alcohol, as these ingredients can be harsh, drying, and irritating on the skin.’

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It is not usually the haircare products in particular but the ingredients they use, as well as other factors, for example Dr. Green mentions that it’s equally important to ‘constantly wash pillowcases, sheets, hats, and headbands to ensure that no residue from the haircare products is transferred onto the skin,’ which could also lead to acne breakouts.

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