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From how you look to others or in the mirror, to whether you had a big night out last night, the eyes often are the first things people notice about you.  As a result, GQ wanted to take a look at some of the best eye creams for men in “The Best Eye Creams for Men Will Help You Look Fresher, Maybe Even Younger.”

Dr. Green is quoted several times and gets asked key questions such as what ingredients to look for, for example – “some ingredients in eye creams specifically target eye concerns such as undereye bags, puffiness, or hollowness and may not be found in a regular face moisturizer,” while “some eye creams are formulated with specific delivery systems to increase the efficacy of the eye cream in the specific eye area.”

She also looks at the difference between eye cream and serum along with when to best use each.  And other products to look at overall, such as SPF usage on a daily basis, even if not a sunny day. “Using SPF around the eyes consistently can decrease the need for corrective skin care products later on,” says Dr. Green. For example, you could deploy an SPF moisturizer over top of your eye cream or serum.

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