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Counterfeit Botox, What to Look Out For – VeryWellHealth

With news of fake Botox causing illness and even hospitalizing people in various states around the U.S. in the last few weeks, fake Botox is in the news again, including on Verywellhealth’s “How to Make Sure Your Botox Injector Is Certified—And Using Real Product” where they asked Dr. Green on what to look out for, along with how to make sure you get the right type of Botox.

For example, making sure they use FDA approved Botox and not just focusing on prices and deals – “Many people consider cost when considering Botox treatment, as treatment is needed every three to four months to maintain its effects,” Michele Green, MD, told Verywellhealth. “While medical spas may be more cost-effective in the long run, it is safer to have your Botox treatment performed by a board-certified healthcare professional.” Your own health is important and should not be discounted with deals, so one should ideally avoid “Botox parties” and make sure that if they decide to get Botox injections, they do so in a sterile medical environment such as a doctors office, in order to avoid cross-contamination and infection.

Botox Video Screenshot 1 MGWatermark

“One way to tell if a Botox product is FDA-approved is to look at the packaging, as AbbVie and Allergan Aesthetics are the only approved suppliers of Botox,” Green also noted later in the article. The Allergan Aesthetics company themselves also offer an online registry that allows you to find providers in your area who use their product.

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