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Can Hair Growth Supplements Increase Body Hair? (featured in VeryWellHealth) asks about the use of hair growth supplements and if they increase the amount of body hair.  “Since [these] supplements are taken orally, the ingredients are absorbed throughout the entire body and act on all hair follicles,” Michele Green, MD, said in the article.  And while oral supplements for hair growth won’t cause hair growth anywhere new, as Dr. Green explained. “Hair growth supplements do not contain hormones and will not encourage facial or body hair growth that is nonexistent,” they can however “…help promote hair growth, retention, and density by improving overall hair health.”

AD 33 yr old male before after PRP hair injections MGWatermark

“Dermatologists often employ topical medications such as minoxidil to decrease hair follicle miniaturization and increase hair growth,” she notes elsewhere in the article and also talks to the writer about (PRP) Platelet Rich Plasma injections, which are injected into the scalp, can also help people looking for help with hair loss (such as in the image above). She mentions how this effective treatment works, such as how “PRP is drawn from the patient’s blood and contains proteins and growth factors that are necessary for promoting tissue regeneration and healing hair follicles.”

This and various options along with comments from Dr. Green can be seen at

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