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StyleLujo takes a look at how Skin Care can Improve Self Esteem

StyleLujo talks about how looking good can equate to feeling good in “Improving Our Self-Esteem from the Inside Out” – talking with Dr. Green about The Role of Diet and Mental Health. The article takes a look at factors such as stress reduction and sugar intake effects on skin, healthy choices such as exercise, yoga, along with key steps to an effective skincare routine such as: cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection (using sunscreen, even on a cloudy day).

Having clearer skin can help your confidence, in turn reducing anxiety and potential depression. Using the right products is important too and StyleLujo talks about the MGSKINLABs range such as “The Vita-C Advanced Serum” along with popular treatment options such as VBeam and Thermage for skin tightening, along with CoolSculpting or Kybella for fat removal, whether the belly area or the double chin.

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