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Avoiding Wrinkles in all Weather Conditions: The Sun US

The US version of newspaper The Sun featured Dr. Green in “I’m a dermatologist and you’re aging yourself if you ignore snow and rain puddles – my tips to avoid wrinkles” today where she talks about the need for daily sunscreen use no matter what the weather, as it can serve as the best affordable anti-aging treatment for you.

“Sunscreen is an essential part of a daily anti-aging routine, as the sun is one of the biggest causes of premature aging and the development of wrinkles, fine lines, and sunspots,” she explained to The Sun US and that “Sun damage can also impair collagen production and reduce skin elasticity.”

She also talks about skin care routines that can combat aging, plus the common misconception of sunscreen needed on only sunny days, where in fact even on cloudy and rainy days, SPF 50 usage is recommended since “UV rays can penetrate through clouds and windows and reflect off snow and rain puddles.” In addition to this she offers other anti-aging advice, such as getting a good nights sleep.

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